Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Geocoin stores get grades

I have decided to grade the various geocoin stores I have listed. I have tried to gather the most comprehensive list possible. The only sites excluded are ones were someone has set up a page to sell one coin. As a service to cachebug readers I have added grades to the stores. I am not rating them on service but how often they have new products and how well they do promoting their merchandice. These grades will change often so if you have a store with a low rank it is very possible to quickly change that with the addition of new merchandice or re-vamping the site.


Anonymous said...

As much as I love your site, and check it everyday, I'm very disappointed that you are grading the stores! I know you say in your post that they are graded on a certain criteria, but it won't be long until that post is not on the front page, and people will just think that some of the stores provide a lower quality service. Which is not what you are grading for, but the only thing I care about. Right now, you are getting information from various stores. I can see that continuing. But what incentive do they have to give you any information if you are assigning them a grade on arbitrary criteria. How many new coins they stock is really not a factor in my deciding to buy from a coin. I love dwproducts, but he is one guy producing his own coins. While I don't buy from USA coins because their reservation system drops reservations! But dwproducts has a C and USA coins has a B-.

I would love for our group to be included, but not if we get a grade for how many times we offer coins. It is hard enough for a small group or person to sell coins, but we certainly wouldn't want to be graded for not offering 10 coins a month.

Anonymous said...

Much better! Thanks!

I would still hate to see a D by my store name, but at least people can see why.