Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Round Tuit Geocoin

Woa, it's a new coin by Chris Mackey! It is not only beautiful but it adds a slap of humor as well. For all your buddies who never have time to finish puzzle caches, multis or log a find you can now give them a round tuit, geocoin that is. This handy little coin works as a cypher coin as well, and may help you with some puzzle caches. Nice coin Chris! The Geocoin Store has it value priced at $7.50 plus s/h here.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A stack of new coins at the Swag

Geoswag has several new coins here. The Evil Micros are probably the most anticipated, but we have a funny Cacher On Board Geocoin, and a non-trackable TFTC coin too. Single Evil Micro V2 coins are $4.97 plus ship, but you can also buy a 3 or 5 pack. The multi-packs contain LE versions of the coin.

The Cacher On Board geocoin pokes fun at how cachers make frequent and erratic stops! This coin is $6.50 for the regular and $7.00 for the LE. I'm not sure what the difference is, but I think one is nickel and the other is black nickel.

Finally we have the TFTC non-trackable. This is an inexpensive little coin to drop. They are about $3 each and are 1.5".

Monday, February 26, 2007

TeamAlamo 20,000 Finds

There were only 200 of these made. $10 plus shipping here. These are cool!

As Goudacat as any

The Goudacat personals are ready to ship. If you want one of these little fur balls you can send this info:

Caching Name:
Real Name:
Finish preference and quantity:
PayPal e-mail address:


The coins are $8.50 plus shipping and catnip fees.

2007 Parents of Sam micros

Here is a nice personal micro set for trade only. These are cute and individually numbered, but are not trackable. You can set up a trade by contacting the parents of Sam from their profile here.

07 Australia Geocoin

Here's one by feral geocaching. Here is the info:

- Based on the original Adacache 2006 design with permission and minted in China.
- 1.75” 45mm x 3mm coin in Gold plate (Shiny) and bimetallic gold on silver or black nickel
- raised metal outer ring front and back
- Centre recessed metal + foggy painting
- Front images 3D Shiny gold
- Back 5 colours imitation soft or hard enamel, custom etching at mint
- trackable on with icon
- projected approx. cost US$7
- Go here to see the full information
- Go here to enter the presale. Scroll down to the bottom and fill in the information.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cape Brenton Island Geocoin

Here is an upcoming geocoin for Cape Breton Island, Canada. This coin is trackable on and has it own icon. It is in the shape of the island. Only 250 are being made. The coin will be minted in Antique Silver (75) and Black Nickel (175).

On the back of each coin is "Ciad Mile Failte". This is Scottish Gaelic for A Hundred Thousand Welcomes. Also "Lorgadh sibh e aig:" is Scottish Gaelic for "you will find it at".

An interesting coin from 3 Geeks here. This coin will be for sale early in March.

07 Wildlife Muggles soon

This has turned into a great little series! I think everyone has now seen these coins with those mettlesome muggling animals... very funny coins. This year turns out Bucky Beaver and ol' Sneaky Antlers, picking off a bison tube with his horns. I think my favorite is still Nibbler Nutnabber :D. These are coming to a forest near you, but you can get the coins soon here. Thanks for the update Paula!

Crake closes Symbology LE set sales

As promised Crake closed LE sales. I tested him, :) sorry Chris, and sure enough he is turning people away. LE is a new term for Crake's coins because typically he will make as many as demand warrants, but for Symbology some of the the coins are limited. Limited to 475 to be exact. I guess that means he sold around 235 sets. This is a beautiful coin and I can't wait to see them... oh yea, what is the LE going to look like anyway Crake?????

What we know:

- 2 inch diameter
- Antiqued Bronze and Antiqued Silver (Standard editions)
- Special LE (unknown finish) Why do I think it's black nickel???
- Trackable at w/custom icon

F-16's in stock

AE has their F-16 coins in stock and for sale. These are $9.50 including shipping here. They are also expanding their geocoin line to Dragon Flies and Caching frogs soon.

First Italian Geocoin ready to ship

Here you have it, the first Italian geocoin. Hats off to the creators, It is actualy in Italian :) One side features everyone's favorite boot and the other side has the original spaceman him self Galileo (Nice 3D!). You can pick these up here in more metals than you can shake a refracting telescope at. They range from $8.50-12.00 US.

30 minutes left to get the Crake LEs

You have 30 minutes left to get the Symbology LE set. They are about 50 for 6 coins here. 12:00 Central is the deadline.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Reintje de Vos tribute geocoin

Netherlands geocacher Coen Boltjes, aka Reintje de Vos, died in 2006 from cancer. He did a lot of work making maps for fellow Dutch geocachers. I think this geocoin is one of the nicest tribute coins I have seen. It is available here. 250 of these were minted and the profits go to help Netherlands geocaching. Price: 7.50 euro ($9.82 US plus shipping).

Minnesota Loon Geocoins

These nice Loon coins were just put on the block here. The series name is MN Loon and there were only 110 made (no icon). These coins are sold as singles, but there are also 5 silver sets left. The metals available are Antique Copper, Gold, Antique Gold, Silver, Antique Silver. Coin 1.75" price unknown.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Generic 5 pack

Geoswag now has a generic coin 5 pack. This makes each coin under $4.50 each. You get one Antique Bronze, Antique Silver, Antique Copper, Nickel and a Gold for $22.35 here.

Nero Geocoin

For those who missed these the first time you get a second chance. This time you can buy a whole set. The singles will be in black nickel and cost $10 each (S/H included) The sets are 3 piece and come in Antique Gold, Antique Copper, Antique Silver. These are $30 each. People interested should email Nero here:

Add the following:

Handle ( name):
Real Name:
Email (one used for paypal):
How many Sets?
How many Singles?
Country your in:
will you pay with paypal or US postal money order (only 2 options)?

NorMan Personal

Here is a personal for sale. You need to message slippery_1 through the profile here. The first 170 coins will be LEs. It sounds like they will be black nickel with a gold border. After the first 170 there will be 330 regular edition coins minted. It is unknown how much these will be, but they will be out of Canada so expect slightly higher shipping to the US.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fest poker chips

Southbayday has over 100 of these and is excepting trades. These were designed by Chris Mackey for the Poker Challenge at this year's Geocoin Fest. Contact him here.

A cool geocoin of Geocoin Fest

Geocoin fest happened Feb. 18th, but you can still get a great geocoin from the event. The two tone version was handed out to the volunteers, but you can buy the nickel version for $10. Shipping is $1.50 for the first, and .75 each additional. To get an invoice email Cornerstone4 from the profile here. As always include your Geonic, Paypal address, and the number of coins you want.

2007 Slovak Geocoin

I love the look of this coin! It proves you don't have to go all out to have a very nice geocoin. Simple and cool. You can get these here. Some people have been saying the paypal feature doesn't work, so good luck. These are 39mm, gold and trackable with icon. These run about $12 US plus shipping.

Glitter XLE Luck O' The Irish Geocoin

Castleman is selling 40 of these. They are similar to the standard coins but with glitter. I hear these are much larger than they look. These are limited to one per caching team or household. Email: with

Your Name:
Paypal address (for invoicing):
Contact email:

Castleman and TeamAlamo are joining forces to bring everyone a new geocoin sales site, so watch for that.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hides & Finds Geocoin Club

Many probably haven't heard of the HFGcC, but some may have seen some of the coins in passing. There is a reason that you don't see a lot of these. Each minting is limited to 100 non-trackable, but numbered coins. The club it's self is limited to 50 participants! I believe that Shop99er began the HFGcC in November of 05. Like the GHOST Club be for it, the club was designed to be limited membership, but what makes this club unique was the predetermined life span of 12 coins. The club is currently on #8, "Newspaper Hide." I find the idea of an exclusive club fascinating! What a great idea! It would be an LE every month! To get a shot at some of these rare coins you will have to get on the waiting list here. Nothing is guaranteed, but it never hurts to try to be part of true underground of geocoin clubs.

Buffalo Wings 2007

This coin was made by Team Sand Dollar mostly for trades but now there are some of each metal available here. These cost $8 each plus S&H (First coin $1.50/$0.50) (Canada 1.75/$0.50)(Others $2.50/$1.25)

Monday, February 19, 2007

PengoFamily Personal

Here is an interesting personal that cropped up. The single sold out FAST, but you can still get the set. It comes with 4 coins and a pin. They are $50 Canadian ($42 US). To buy these you can contact the Pango's here from their profile.

Los Muertos Personal

Unfortunately all I know about this coin is that it's for sale in a bunch of finishes here. It is trackable with icon, and features a lake. The site calls it a personal and it has several flags on the back. Nice coin though! These are about $8 US plus shipping.

Symbology LE to be surprise finish

By now everyone knows that Crake will have 2 Special LE's in the 6 coin ($48) set, but what it will look like is a mystery. Crake if you haven't decided yet I suggest that you do what the Geoswag Coin and Pin Club did on their November coin. It was an antique brass coin, but they did this cool antique silver overlay on one side. So on one side you would have your brass and on the other silver! What ever this coin looks like it will be saught after for sure. To reserve a special LE set go here.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Arizona CITO Geocoin

This coin has a very unique shape. It will be approximately 2 inches tall, trackable and have it's own unique icon. There will be 250 minted and the cost will be $8.50 each. If you are interested email:

Geocaching Nickname:
Number of coins:
Email Address:

Poor N00bs

The Geocoin Club's March takes a jab at the brand new cachers that got a shiny new GPS for Christmas. No food in the caches guys ;) Check it out here.

Luck O' the Irish

Here is a cereal that is sure to stay crisp in even the most soggy conditions. A nice metal coin from The Geoswag Coin & Pin Club. March will take full advantage of St. Patty's day with the lucky charms box. I was never a fan of the food, but the coin looks friendly and fun. You can check it in detail here.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

jho135 kicking out some coinage!

Relative newcomer to coin design, jho135 has been a regular to the forums and may be going head to head with fluttershy for being the most prolific coin builder! Jason, was kind enough to give us updates on all of his cool new projects coming out.

First coming to geoswag the first part of March is the Mail Jeep. A coin paying homage to the mail carriers that deliver our sparkly new geocoins. I for one am looking forward to this one. It is a very nice addition to the growing Jeep genre.

Coin details:

Size: 1.75"
Thickness: 3.5mm
Metal: Nickel w/Soft Enamel
Nickel LE w/Imit. Hard Enamel (150 made)
Trackable: Yes,
Icon: Yes, should be a mini version of Jeep

Second is a coin known as "Caching From Dawn Until Dusk." This is a nice big glow coin. I would try to cache from dawn until dusk, but Mrs. cachegame would have me living in the dog house. (Idea, cached too long living in dog house geocoin)

Size: 42mm
Thickness: 3.5mm
Metal: Copper
Gold LE (150 made)
Trackable: Yes,
Icon: Yes, working on a half moon/half sun possibility

Finally we have the newest addition to Jason's lineup. A good ol' Band-Aid Coin. This one brushes on a topic that Chris Mackey started with his CacheCritters coin. The fact that we are caching with animals that like to bite us.

This one is being done through Hogwild:

Availability: April—June, 2007

Size: 1.75 inches long 3.00 mm thickness
Finishes: TBD
Trackable at
Unique Icon
Pricing: Under $8.75

Team Roboknight personal

This was the "Mystery Coin" only on Ebay. Now thankfully they are selling it themselves. At $12.00(each) + $2.00 shipping I wouldn't say this was a great deal, but considering it was going for around $20 on Ebay it is a steal. If you want to know more about this coin you can go here.

Please provide the following information in your e-mail order:

Your Full Name
Your Geocaching ID
Your Address
Your payment information (paypal address)

Please send requests to:

Friday, February 16, 2007

OshnDoc geocoins delayed

I was wondering where these were when I found the post. Apparently the mint did an awful job in the antiquing process and poor OshnDoc had to send these back. Due to the tough Chinese New Year he is not expecting them until the first of March. You can read more here.

Symbology Reservations

Rumor has it the reservations for Symbology, Crake's much anticipated release will open this weekend (Rumor is Sunday). There is no need to crash Crake's site, you will get a whole week to reserve the coin. The site to reserve the coins will most likely be here. This coin is the sequel to his Tracking Time geocoin. A coin that many revere as one of the most beautiful geocoins if not the best. After looking at this coin I have a question about Crake's Symbology. Why is the earth in your coins always the the "Old Half" or the Africa-Europe-Asia part? All this time I thought Texans thought Texas was the middle of the map :D

*Quote from Crake*

Two possibilities:

#1 It is an attempt to restore world balance by slipping sublimital messages into my coins that promotes the concept that the rest of the world is just as important, if not more important than North America.
#2 It has a better "fit" than the other side from an artistic standpoint.

Pick your favorite :)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Red Cross LEs

Anyone who purchased one of the Mt. Rainer Red Cross geocoins can buy a nice LE to go with it. These are $22 each, but all the money is going to the selected chapter of the American Red Cross. There are very limited numbers of copper, polished nickel, and my fave, black nickel coins. To get in line post here.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Steel City Babes personal

Get ready, the Babes of steel city have a cool new personal. Aside from being active cachers they love their sports too! (That explanes the various logos etc.) My kind of babes :D Thanks for the tip Trasi!!!!!

Dimensions: 1.75 inches round
Thickness: 3.5mm
Enameling: imitation hard
Trackable wit icon

The coin comes in gold (100 minted) silver (100 minted) and a black nickel LE (50 made) for trades.

Price: $8.50 per coin (tax for PA residents)
Shipping and Handling: USA - $2.00 the first coin, $1.00 for each additional coin. International - S/H to be determined on individual basis.
Payment type: PayPal only.

Buy the coin through Steel City Babes profile here. And include the following:

Metal type and quantity of each metal?
Caching Name:
Real Name:
PayPal e-mail address:

A-10s still around

These seemed to sell out some time ago, but they are back in stock (All finishes). There are some F-22s too here. $9.50 including shipping to the US.

UOTrackers/Oakcoins to have second forums geocoin

If you missed your Chance to get on the last forums coin here is your chance... and after looking at the first coin, you do want to be on this one :) UOTrackers has taken their first 30 names, but more will be added soon. When, not sure but you should follow this post here.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

January Signal Geocoin

I sorta forgot about the frog. For those who didn't already know he took a trip to the UK this time and is enjoying Stonehenge (This is number 7 in the series). You can get this coin here for $7.50 plus shipping.