Friday, January 18, 2008

Cherry City Cachers present the "Black Cherry"

Hi everyone, it's been awhile lol. These nice folks gave me such a nice email about their new coin I couldn't help but to put it up lol. To tell you the truth I have gotten a bunch of letters from everyone. Thank you so much and thank you for checking up on me. I do love this blog and expect to return soon.

Introducing the Black Cherry. A nice trackable coin that makes me miss the summer. It comes complete with it's own icon just watch out for the pits. The Cherry City Cachers are from Salem Oregon, Oregon's capital city and a place I have been many times. You can order the coin here at $8 each.

Thank you for the note about your coin and good luck to you!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just a little break :)

Hi everybody. Everything is great here. As many of you know, I had a geocache near my home stolen. The event it's self was not that horrible, but did make me realize that I could use a short break from geocoins and geocaching. I do miss you all already and I will be back in the mix shortly. The break is not all selfish, I am taking the time to research cool new things that will make the site better than ever. My goal is to take some of the editorial away from myself and create a more diverse information/knowledge base for geocoins. The many emails from readers were appreciated, and the cachebug will be back and better than ever soon.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Huskies Geocoins

This coin looks cool, I cant wait to hold one. It is a coin of huskies with a very cool back image. You can pick these up $9 for the regular editions and $12 for the LE here.

Swagbus pulls up to AEToys

In true AEToys fashion the swag bus, a loaded down geocaching hippie mobile has cruised into their online showroom in many colors. You can buy them individually for $9.50 or all 5 for $45. I really like the icon! You can get these here.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tatanka Pejula Geocoin

New coin thank goodness, get my mind off my dumb missing cache. Tsunrisebey has a sweet nnew buffalo coin ready to reserve. Tatanka Pejula means buffalo medicine in Lakota (Sioux) The white buffalo to these people was the most sacred animal. The back of the geocoin says; le mita cola which means: My Friend. This coin is a token for a sacred friend.

Coin Specs:

Reservations for this coin started on 7/28/07
1.5", 3mm, translucents and white imitation enamel
300 geocoin starter mintage=unlimited amount, done over time, and I reserve the right to change out colors and metals.
100 gold
150 antique copper
50 Black Nickel (all reserved)

Prices and Shipping:
Reserve the coin by mailing
$3.95 each coin
US shipping= $2.00 first coin + .50 each additional coin
International shipping= $3.00 first coin + .50 each additional coin


Tatanka Pejula Geocoin
Paypal Address:
Geocaching Name:
Real Name:
Shipping Address:
Coins ordered: Gold ___ Copper___
Black Nickel (waiting list only) Yes___

More information here

Geocache muggled by the Bomb Squad

*Update* An astute area geocacher has found that this is just some lamo's way of stealing a geocache full of geocoins.... No bomb squad just a scumbag. Crazy hoax for a box of coins... hope it makes them happy.

This is very shocking to me but I had a geocoin cache on my property and I guess someone reported it as a suspicious container and the bomb squad came out. I am especially sad for the good folks who had their coins in it. It forces me to ask the question if the "terror" minded public and geocaching can co-exist. Here was the message folks with coins in the cache received:

Log Date: 8/25/2007
Unfortunately, this travel bug was placed in a geocache on private property without the property owners consent. Furthermore it was chained to a telephone pole. The cache consisted of a military ammo can with only military markings on the outside. Thus it was reported to law enforcement as a suspicious package and after examination removed by the Bomb Squad and the contents disposed of. Please follow the rules and guidelines as set forth on Please see

The kicker is that it was on my property, front yard in fact. Boy, wait until the find all the ones in the park...

-free man for now ---- cachegame

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Morpho Butterfly Geocoins

The Atwell Family has another outstanding coin to reserve. Butterflies are hot now in geocoins and this one is cool, I especially like the glow one. This comes in a standard edition blue $11.50, or as the three coin set $27.50 (including the glow). Reserve them here.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Quadcacher LEs

Previously Coinswag said that the Quadcacher LE geocoins would be available September 20th, however, the actual date is August 20. There are 30 of these sets available here. These are interesting because you can actually select the colors of the coin! The pack includes 10 coins in all including the custom LE for $87.50.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Back to Caching" Sale at C&P

Forget back to school, C&P has the gear that you really need :) These are on sale now.

- Flying Spaghetti Monster Geocoin. - satin black nickel finish (pre-orders only).
- Kangacacher geocoin.
- Emergency Medical Technician geocoin - The third design in our public service series. This one you can get here.
- Cachanova geocoin
- Temecula Valley Geocaching Association coin - the 2007 event coin

All the coins except the EMT coin can be found here.

JR20 Flaming Pool Ball Geocoin

Here is the new geocoin of JR20 a cacher since 2004. You can get these coins here. These coins come in several metals ranging from $10 to $15. Cool coin JR20!