Monday, April 30, 2007

Wheel Of The Year (2007) Geocoin

Here is the latest from The Geocoin Store. This coin represents the circle of life and the changing of the seasons. Nice design with lots of detail. You can get more info here. You can buy this for $7.50 plus shipping.

Coin Stats:
1.75 inches round
Antique Silver
Trackable w/icon

Quigley Jones Teaser

I received this photo today from Quigley himself. You can count on a new coin in black nickel with glow paint in the near future. I imagine it will be similar to WhiteBear's "WhiteBear Bite Me" geocoin, another Canadian cacher with great personal geocoins. Two other surprise colors are in the mix as well. Who doesn't love the Quigley schooners? I will stay on top of these... last time they sold out FAST.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Team Sand Dollar - Arrowhead Sanddollar Geocoin

*Update* There will also be an antique copper coin
*Note: The gold coin will be foggy, not shiny like pictured (Thanks Loran)*

Ok you can now preorder your Sand Dollars. These will be cool.

Price: $8 plus shipping (includes paypal fees)

Shipping US $1.75 first coin, $0.50 each additional coin.
Shipping Canada $2.00 first coin, $0.75 each additional coin.
Shipping other $2.75 first coin, $1.25 each additional coin

Buying info: Info needed to get on the list. Please email through the profile here, but include:

1) Geo Nickname:
2) Location (US,Canada,Other) to calculate shipping charges.
3) Coin selection and number of each.
4) PayPal email address for invoicing
5) If you are willing to prepay.

Pocketpups Micro Tag Set - Zoe & Cassy

These little tags are inspired by the famous comic artist Roy Lichtenstein. Cute! You can find out more and preorder these here.

2mm Thick
Geocaching Trackable
Custom Icon
1.25" height
Die Cut

50 sets in Ant. Copper
50 sets in Ant. Brass
100 sets in Ant. Nickel

$13.99 Includes Shipping (Incl. 1-Zoe & 1 Cassy)

Lost Treasure Geocoin Series-Atocha Cross

This new geocoin of the Lost Treasure Geocoin Series is based on an artifact from the 1622 Atocha wreck. This is an emerald encrusted cross replica of that found in the Atocha motherlode. "Put away the charts, we've found the motherlode". Beautiful religious artifact found amongst the numerous other treasures left behind by the valiant crew of the Atocha in the hurricane of 1622 and recovered by Mel Fisher's divers in the 1980s. This is a preorder which you can place here. Price $11.99 plus shipping.

Coin stats:
Foggy Gold
Trackable w/icon
glitter green w/epoxy
hole at top
velvet pouch

Entireleaf Indian Paintbrush Geocoin

Announcing Crake's latest. A beautiful addition to his wildflower series. You can now reserve this coin here. These are $7.90 each $15.00 for combo (1 each).

Coin stats:
Polished Nickel/Polished Gold
1.75" Diameter
Trackable w/icon

Delorme Challenge Geocoin

This geocoin is a tribute to the Delorme Challenge geocaches. In January 2004, Haicoole unveiled the California DeLorme Challenge. Many states and regions now have their own.

The DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer is published for all 50 states. These maps are a favorite among travelers and outdoorsmen and are available at many locations, including online directly from DeLorme. The goal of this cache is simple: To find a cache on each and every page and block of the various state DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer maps. Currently Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Little Rhody, Louisiana, Maryland & Delaware, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin have this type of cache. Find out more about this type of cache here.

Some times you look at a challenge cache and wonder who could do this! This is defiantly one of these. You can pick up this very unique coin here.

If you are cachecrazy enough to actually complete this challenge you can pick up your completed chalenge coin here. Sick, sick people in this category :)

The Coin Stats:
Finish Satin Silver
2 inch size
3.5 mm thick
Trackable w/icon

Friday, April 27, 2007

Unknown Soldier Geocoin

This coin comes from Geoswag and honors the Unknown Soldier, or soldiers lost in combat. Nice dog-tag design makes this a great tribute. Comes in Antique silver or nickel and $1 is donated to Fisher House, which provides free or low cost lodging to veterans and military families receiving treatment at military medical centers. $8.47-$8.77 here.

Gerbera Daisy Micros 4 pack

These are some nice spring/summer flowers for the neighborhood caches. You can pick up a pack here.

$19.97 for all 4

4 Coins in the set, $19.97, 1 of each color.
Trackable w/icon.

THX4TC Jeeps

It looks like a Jeep dealership at AE Toys right now. They are really rolling this one with more colors than the rainbow. There are 2 sets for $34 each and individual coins available for $10 each. (All prices include shipping). You can find these here.

Stargeezer 1000 Finds Geocoins

Stargeezer a geocacher from Glenville, NY has a beautiful personal with this great 1000th find geocoin. C&P did a nice job with this one. You can get it here in gold or nickel. Price $8.49 plus shipping.

The Caching Bug Geocoin

*Update* Coin is not avalible here
(Note: Not my geocoin)

Introducing my new geocoin.... Just kidding. Close though ;) Here is the latest from The Castle Man. I thought a hieroglyphics coin would be cool. I like scarabs! This coin goes on sale here Monday after 7 PM pst.

Coin Stats:
Finish: Imitation Hard Enamel Coins
Size: 1.75", Thickness 3.5mm
Mold: 2D Die Cut + Split Multi-Level Enhancements with Mid-Level Hieroglyphics under the Transparency
Colors: 9 translucent, 9 Glitter + Translucent Combination
Plating: Regular Editions Gold and Silver + Gritty and Sandblasting Textures, LE Glitter Gold, Artist Proof Copper and Minter Proof CHROME
Minting Breakdown: 330pcs Translucent Enamels, 100pcs Glittering Enamels
Total Coins: 430pcs
Designer: Paula Collins of cinemaboxers/

Price for the regular edition coins will be between $8.50 - $9.00 and the LE Glitter $10.00.

Prowler53 Prowling Panther V2 2007

Here is this years Prowler53 personal. It comes in nickel, silver and bronze here.

Coin Stats:
42 MM

$8.50 Plus $2.00 S&H. $6.00 S&H for International Orders via Global Priority Flat rate.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

GeoSmurfz Personal Geocoin

Here is a nice personal from GeoSmurfz. It's an interesting Smurfs teams up with star wars design. Watch out Gargamel :) Ok this coin is cool because it will be sold individually out of two editions or as a 5 coin set.

Metals to choose from for set one include:
Black Nickel~The writing will be changed to white so it can be read.
There will also be a LE Glow in Black Nickel with this five coin set.
These coins are $8.50 each.

Set 2 (not pictured) includes:

Black Nickel~Same as above
Gold~Brown Robe with a Blue Lightsaber
Copper~Light Brown Robe with a Purple Lightsaber
Nickel~Red Smurf in a Black Robe with a Red Lightsaber
The LE with this group will be a Green Glitter Lightsaber Black Nickel. These will also be $8.50 each and the LE Green Glitter will only be offered as a five coin set.

S&H $2.00/ .50 for each additional coin ordered.
International S&H $6.00 Global Flat Rate.

For orders E-Mail with the following info.
Invoices will be sent out on or around May 6th.
1. Full Name
2. UserID
3. E-Mail Address
4. Paypal Address
5. Requested Metals and Quantity (or set 1, 2, or both sets)

Luminous Energy 2nd batch

The first batch of Luminous Energy Geocoins sold out in 6 hours according to Jake at CoinSwag. Crazy! To meet demand for the LE they are doing a 7 day presale on batch 2 of the LE sets. After the second run the LEs will be retired. If you missed out you can go here to preorder these coins.

The "THX4TC" Jeeps go on sale Friday

One more day until these go up for sale. You will be able to buy these here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Expect some coins by Chris Mackey soon

Chris dropped me a line to let everyone know that he is still around ;) His latest release is the MWGB "Bridge" coin over at the geocoin store here. According to Chris he has a big surprise coin in the near future that will blow away even the copper "Tuit" coins. Other coins that will surface soon will be the Frozen Buns personal (His Mom)(I love the pathtag by the way) and a possible club coin for the new geocaching group the NEPAG (Northeast Pennsylvania Geocachers) Thanks for the update Chris!

Pilot172 & Dogs Personal Geocoin

Northbound Trading Company has a new personal Canadian geocoin. It is the coin of pilot172 and dogs Bracha & Gila. Nice coin which looks like a two-tone from the picture. Get it here for $9.50 CAD (About $8.50 US)

Coin stats:
38mm Diameter
Shiny Gold

Luminous Energy Geocoin

Coinswag has a new release the Luminous Energy Geocoin. The coin is molded after the Aztec Sun God Tonatiuh and the Aztec Moon Goddess Coyolxauhqui this coin is titled Luminous Energy meaning light which is necessary to find all caches whether your guided by the light of the sun or the moon. One unique feature about this coin is the tracking number is on the edge of the coin.

The three regular metals are 8.40/ea but the coin also comes in a fourth metal only available in the LE 4 coin set for 31.95. The LE metal is a secret, but it involves 3 different platings and sand blasting all on one coin! I'm looking forward to that!

You can get these here.

Coin Stats:
Dimensions: 1.75" (45mm)
Thickness: 3mm
Finish's Available: Antique silver, Antique Bronze, Antique Copper & Mystery LE Metal.
Trackable: Yes, on

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

2007 Tybee Island Lighthouse Geocoin

These are ready to buy, and a lucky few will get a copper! Nice looking coins! 150 Gold and 300 Silver and only 35 Copper.

* One Gold or Silver is $10.00
* two or more Gold or Silver are $9.50 each
* One or more Copper are $13.00 each Only 35 made only 20 remain.
* You can get a set of 3 coins with a Gold, a Silver and a Copper for $30.00

Costs include shipping and handling!

e-mail include:

*Real name
*Method of paying check or PayPal
*your PayPal e-mail account if paying that method
*# of each coin and the metal

The Big Hogwild Bag of Stuff

Hogwild is offering two big ol' grabbags of goodness. A small and a large for your grabbing pleasure.

The small bag contains at least 5 geocoins & 5 pins. 4 trackable unactivated coins. 1 that is a sold out older coin(trackable), & 1 non trackable. They come in a Hogwild Stuff String Backpack. The price is $36.50 + S&H Only 30 bags available. Get this bag here.

The large bag contains at least 9 geocoins & 5 pins. 6 trackable unactivated coins, Plus: 1 sold out older trackable coin, 1 sample coin & 1 non trackable. They come in a Hogwild Stuff String Backpack. The price is $51.00 + S&H Only 30 bags available. Get this bag here.

2007 Delaware Geocoin

This years coin represents the C.A.C.H.E event or, Cache Around the Colonial Hundreds Event, a geocaching challenge to complete a series of caches, one placed in each of the twenty-four "colonial" Hundreds of Delaware. Delaware is the only state that still uses the Hundreds division, a term that designated an area of land capable of sustaining about one hundred families. It's a nice colorful coin you can buy here.

$9.00 USD each

1-2 coins: $2.50
3-4 coins- $3.50
5-7 coins- $4.50

Canada Micro V2

This is the 07 version of this micro. It looks a lot like the 06 but with a tan border. Nice looking micros. These will ship May 4 but you can preorder them here. They are still sold in packs of 5 ($29.00 CAD) or 10 ($49.00 CAD).

Swiss TB-Trophy Geocoin

I think this coin has something to do with a TB race, but who needs to run the race if you can buy the trophy right?!?! There were 250 of these made. Price $13.50 and $5 shipping here.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Canada's Micro Puck

Landsharkz has a nice little geocoin with a lot of Canadian National pride. It's "The Beaver Dude" playing the national sport. The puck on the back has excellent perspective so it really does look like one. These are micros and come in packs of 5 ($29.00 CAD (About $26 USD) or 10 ($49.00 CAD).
The Pucks are ready for preorder with the coins actually coming it the first part of next month here.

Minnesota Geocaching History Series #1

Here is a coin that you can get on the waiting list for. It looks like it deals with the first geocaches of Minnesota. I think we will see a lot of this type of coin soon. Great idea. You can get on the list here. Price is unknown but 310 coins will be minted.

Chief20r2 Personal Geocoins

These are for sale now. Check out the post in the cachebug forum here.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

C&P Sale

C&P rolled out a bunch of coins for their new site tonight. You can see them all here.

Scottish Thistle Geocoin

Another customer inspired design from Geoswag! A beauty but but will stick you every time. Grab these here at Geoswag's super-secret presale dojo. These come in super deluxe copper and nickel for $7.47 each. Remember if it's not Scottish, it's crap.

2007 Midwest Geobash Bridge Coin

Here is a very nice event coin for The Midwest Geobash. A Mega Event being held in July 20-22, 2007 in Indiana. You can pick these up here at the Geocoin Store for $8.

Coin Stats:
Dimensions 1.5 inches round
Thickness 3.5mm
Finish Nickel Enameling Soft Enamel
Trackable with Icon

Go And Get 'Em 10 Geocoin

Here's an event geocoin that's available.

Event info: Go And Get 'Em geocaching events are held in Ottawa, Canada about every six months. Organized by Tick & Nammie, they regularly attract geocachers from Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec for 24 hours of geocaching followed by dinner at a local restaurant. Participants are encouraged, but not required, to place event-specific caches that are not published until the day before the event.

This coin is for the "X" or tenth event and 125 are being offered for sale. They are $16 Canadian about $14 US and available here.

Labyrinth Geocoin

Here is another coin that deals with the fact that a cache is not always from point A to point B. These com in a lot of colors and metals. Love the icon. Preorder it here.

Coin Stats:
size: 38 mm = 1,5", 3 mm thick
total coins produced: 300
finishing: 4 (matte nickel, black nickel, matte gold, shiny gold, with different filling colors on back side)
trackable: yes, on
own icon: yes
available: from end of April
price: starting from US $8.00 (6.25 euros) Plus shipping.

U-Turn Geocoin

Not sure if I totally understand this one, but I believe it is talking about how as cool as your new GPS is, you still may need to make a Uie once in a while. It's a nice customer inspired coin by Geoswag. You can get them here in regular and glow. for around $7.

Coin Stats:
1.5" x 3.5mm.
Black Nickel and Black Nickel w/GLOW. Trackable w/icon.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

C&P Sale Sunday night

Sale begins 8:30 Eastern - 5:30 Pacific time here are the coins being featured:

- Arrow One personal geocoin with opal glitter
- 2nd batch of Cruiserdude 2 geocoin, including a new finish
- EMGT geocoin
- IDtimberwolf personal geocoin in new finishes
- CITO 2007 geocoin
- The Travel Slug geocoin

You will find these here.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Blackpool Tower Geocoin

This geocoin has England's Blackpool tower on it. You can preorder it by going here. The coin will run you about $10 plus shipping.

38mm Diameter
3.5mm thickness
soft enamel both sides
with laser engraving, trackable with Icon

GeoDog Geocoins

These are for the dogs of geocaching and designed by CinemaBoxers. These are available in Copper and Sandblasted Nickel here. They are 6.50 plus shipping.

SwedenHawk Personal Geocoin

This is a European geocacher named SwedenHawk. These are about $9 plus shipping US and available here.

Coin Stats
.5 inches diameter
3 mm thickness
Trackable with icon
3D on the backside
100 coins Minted

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Keeper of the Cache Geocoin

Here is a geocoin that features a Cougar guarding an ammo can. You can get it here.

Coin Stats:
Antique Silver 3d / Soft Enamel
Antique Bronze 3d / Soft Enamel
1.75 Inches (42 mm) X 3.0 mm.
It is trackable and has a unique Icon

Price: $8.50

Breath Of Life – Fighting CF Geocoins

Profits from this coin go to help a little girl with Cystic Fibrosis (Read more here). CF is an incurable disease which usually begins in infancy, is potentially fatal and affects multiple body systems such as lungs, pancreas, skeleton and skin. This is a reservation at this time.

The pin and coin set will be $11.00
(Transparent Purple or Glittering Purple)

USA $1.50 & $.50 for each additional set.
CANADA $1.50 & $.75 for each additional set.
WORLDWIDE $3.50 & $.85 each additional set.

The coins are expected to arrive late next week.

To purchase send an email with the following info to:


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Geotoids Geocoins

SoCalgeocoins has released this last play on Altoids Sours. Geoswag did Cacheoids a while back. Nice job on this one but man is it expensive (I hope it is for the set of two). $17.00 each with $3.00/1.00 additional, shipping. This is a presale for the Tangerine and Candy Apple versions. There will be 250 geocoins, 200 are available 100 Nickel Tangerine orange and 100 Candy Apple Red Copper. An LE will be offered at a later date. The coins are trackable w/icon. Preorder these here.