Saturday, September 30, 2006

Geoswag Past coins closeout

Members of the Geoswag club have a chance to gobble up some of the last coins from this year. The way they are doing it is you buy two coins from each month as a combo. Every month is available but not every month combination. For example multiple combos with the may "generic cent" geocoin is available and only one combo has the popular March Ghost. New members can get the combos for $17.97 each. Considering the ghost coin is going for around $30 on ebay, this is a good deal. Unfortunately this deal is only available as an email link... if you didn't get it... sol

Terracachers: Now that's a geocoin!

This thing is HUGE! This is probably the nicest coin out there. To bad you have to be a terracacher or know one to get your hands on this badboy. $9.00 seems a lot for a geocoin, but I have to tell you this is like 3 regular coins melted together. No you can't track it... but it is a monument.

I'm looking for blog writers

I am looking for 2 or 3 good geobloggers to help with the diversity of the site. The site is getting a lot of hits so it would be a great way to get your thoughts out there. If you are interested please drop me a line (

Friday, September 29, 2006

Preorder an Ontario BC coin

Head over here to check out a great new coin that you can preorder. The has been quiet but this Ontario/Canada Geese coin looks great!

Cachegame's pathtag rocks!

Sorry, but I couldn't put this with the rest of the Pathtag stuff. The kind folks at The Geocoin Store sent me a pic of the finished tag... I LOVE it.

Major Pathtag site upgrade

Today the Pathtag Community took another major step to becoming a reality. Here is what's new:

The Login screen changed around a little. Now the email and pass logins are at the top. The guys also added teasers to how popular tags will be listed. There still isn't a way to actually log a pathtag which will be critical:

For members, once logged in there is a lot more information. There is a listing of the current and new features. (I like the see random tags feature!)

The random tag previews are probably the biggest update. Before it was impossible to know how many pathags were in existence. Apparently there are 25 tags in the system. 12 of them are active. (Although you cant quite trade them yet):

It was a kick to see the some of the other tags populating the space. Many of them look like people involved in the project. One of the tags is the Mackey tag that we covered earlier. It is interesting to see what people write in the profile. Here are some of them:

This is the only tag that has an additional picture attached. This is possible by selecting the upload image button on your member page.

Here is the picture. It is the actual coin. Pictures a little dark but looks good!

A cool how-to: Log Cache

If you get tired of setting out expensive ammo boxes, try this. I have made some of these, but I have drilled out the center. This way looks a lot easier. If you do make one of these, please email me the picture. Thanks!

Ready for some cache style ideas?

Here are some cool and creative new cache styles:

Lets start with the grand champion, the geopoop. I question the ftf on this cache.


Thursday, September 28, 2006 Camo Patch

Cachezone is offering this exclusive GC Camo Patch. This may be useful for all you militant groups who geocache to pass the time 'til next government upheaval.

A nice online collection of geocoins

If you like clicking through and seeing a bunch of geocoins here is a nice link for you. There is a nice variety of homemade and custom coins.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Geocoin Clubs keep cropping up!

Hogwildstuff is doing a benchmark geocoin club. This club is bi-monthly so it will only have 6 a year. There will be 500 trackable and 100 non-trackable coins per issue. You can stop your membership at any time, but the prices will inch up and if you stop your membership you will have to pay the higher price.

These coins are kind of cool if you like benchmarks here is the latest:

Fans of benchmarks should also check out the pins at geoswag.

New meat at The Geocoin Store

Some new coins are up for sale at The Geocoin Store. Not great specimens, but trackable all the same. Who wouldn't want to buy this... ah... brick?!

Mackey Made It

Chris Mackey AKA: The Fox and the Hound is one of my favorite geocoin artists. I have asked him to contribute to this blog and he has agreed to give updates on his work as regularly as I ask him! (Poor guy has now idea what he is in for :)

Much of the hounds work can't be talked about because of confidentiality clauses in various contracts, but he can tell us that he has 2 pathtags, 2 personal geocoins (one in production and one being designed), and about 9 commercial and club coins coming up!

The new clubcoin for night caching (You only have until Sept 28 to get the October Club Coin) is Chris' work based on UO Trackers (Jenn's) idea. As we know the Masters of Cache coin is his too. According to Chirs this coin was an attempt to rival and one-up the recent FTF coin. (I like the FTF coin better :)

Chris says he is working on another design that "should up the game still further..." but unfortunately he can't say anything about it yet :( (What a cliff hanger)

Other coins that Chris will have out soon is the 5 Star Terrain Coin series. It should be out very soon (possibly even this or next week.)

One of the pathtags he has in production is this one for Moun10Girl it is simply beautiful. It has a ton of colors and I really hope it turns out. See for yourself:

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Why don't geocachers waymark?

It wasn't long ago when I got hooked into geocaching. But as I explored the geocaching site I noticed the many ads for Waymarking. I took a look and it all seemed very complicated. It took some weeks but I returned to the site. I don't know if it was pure boredom or, some reason that I couldn't go geocaching, but I was determined to find out what the big deal was with this section of the Groundspeak universe. I personals found the premise very appealing... go around and claim stuff for your own. It's like being a pirate.

In the beginning this was just a joke. I would claim all the things in my city that I thought would be funny to say "hey, I own that miniature Eiffel Tower." (Sad, but I actually do :) But the funniest thing happened when I started claiming the parks. I did a google search and the waymarks were at the very top! This has happened with many of my waymarks. Apparently, Google loves Waymarking. The zoo, library, history museum, most things end up at the top or near the top in google. It really made me open my eyes to virtual ownership. No taxes, no maintenance, just this very strange control of peoples perception of the place. Consider this, what if waymarking does become the "atlas" someday. Many business owners will not own their own waymark, and will be scrambling to get theirs back!

*Waymarking Geek Tip*

With the web spiders almost living in this site there is another very odd power that comes out of this site... the power of promotion. I have personals tested this. You can put a link to an area you would like to promote, say a new website you just posted. I was on google in 12 hours. (This takes 40-50 waymarks to work)

I know I am unique in my favor of this site. I have talked with many who "just don't get it." That's fine with me. I will just keep roaming around the country like Black Beard and take things out of their own back yard. (Place evil laugh here)

Pathtags *Update*

*Email from*

Just wanted to let you know that your Pathtags will be shipped this Friday to us, you should have them early-mid next week. I noticed your blog and appreciate the detailed explanations and the feedback you provide on the Pathtags process. It has helped us to make some improvements on the system already. Any time you or others have input or feedback, we\'re happy to listen!

I can hardly wait!!!!!!!

Now everyone can post

Now everyone can post comments, even if they don't belong to Blogger. Also try the new email to a friend feature.


Pathtag info published, lead buried

There has been a LOT of action over at The Geocoin Store. (No I don't work for them) I hope the other vendors take note and put in some extra effort.

Basicly everything in the story has already been covered here, with two exceptions.

1: (This is the huge buried lead) The manufacturer has had success getting a tag out in 11 days! That is great news for future customers. They advertise 6 weeks! If the tag is mine I will let you know ;)

2. The next site update will include a "search and collecting tool." I assume this will make the tags truly funcitonal.

Here are some new tags:

*Now I get to get somthing off my chest that has been driving me crazy*

If people use these tags instead of geocoins (which get stolen on a regular basis) wouldn't you think that they would play-down the collectablity of them! It irritates me somewhat that they have a pegboard for all of the tags you get. This incourages hording and I know there is a 97% chance that as soon as I put one in a cache it will mostlikely go on someones wall at home. This is a great business model for Pathtags but lame for those wanting a traveling geocoin. I understand that these are for traded pathtags, but you know if these catch on... what people will do.

*Quoted Text from The Geocoin Store*

Demystifying Pathtags

So we’ve been asked more than a few time over the last month “What exactly is a Pathtag? What do they look like?” Below are the finished tags of several of our design and accessory partners – we don’t think they’d mind me showing them off to the world a little.

The site was just updated today. For the public, it’s a new look only. For tag owners, you’ll see a revision to the tag system and if your tag is in production, you’ll notice that we’ve added a “profile” that allows you to name the tags, enter some text for your profile, and even upload additional images.

Next, you’ll see a search and collecting tool come online and when that finally is finished, the public will be invited to sign up for accounts and explore the full network and community.

We are very excited about these, they look great, they are nice and solid, and fast to produce. Currently, record production time is 11 days from order submission! So one of the current orders will show up at the customer’s door within 20 days of their order! Not bad…

So enjoy and if you have any questions about Pathtags, you can drop a line to for more details. Thanks!

Interesting Project in the works At The Geocoin Store

A while back The Geocoin Store started an interesting project. They would buy back coins to both help others who were trying to recoup costs and to offer some affordable coins. Most in the $5 range. Naturally with the demand being so high, they sold out quick. To replenish the supply of discount coins they have tried something else. Asked others to submit art. I believe this is a great idea to get some more talent involved in the making of geocoins according to The Geocoin Store they have had several submissions and have some new discount coins in the works. It appears that they wont be showing up for another month. This means some nice cheap geostocking stuffers are on the way!

*Quoted from The Geocoin Store Website*

Coin Designs Wanted!

When we launched our new storefront, we opened a new department called the "Bargain Bin" and placed a large quantity of coins on sale at under $5.00 each. If you look - we're almost out! The response to the bargain bin has been so positive we are making it a permanent part of our store and will be designing coins specifically to go in it.

We're looking for bargain bin designs and invite anyone out there to submit your artwork to us for consideration. We're on the lookout for great designs to bring to market in our store and through The Geocoin Club. The Bargain Bin is where we have our highest current interest. We're not asking for freebies - if we select your design, we'll pay you in either cold hard cash or free coins for your design. For instance, if you submit a Bargain Bin design and it is selected for production we will:

* Pay you $75 cash or 10 free coins of you design for the rights to use your artwork
* Price the final coin for retail sale at $5.00 or less guaranteed.

So, if you've been thinking about having a coin made, but just aren't sure. Or would like to help us bring a great variety of really affordable coins to market - fire your design off to

Please read our entire artwork submission policy prior to submitting a design. We have been considering this kind of program for a very long time but have opted not to until we could draft a policy that covers our concerns about submissions of art which are similar to what we have already begun design or production on. We feel our new policy covers this issue adequately. Please read it prior to a submission as it is brand new and we will change it as needed in response to anything requiring clarification as we work in our new program.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Waymarking made up for the caches!

I'm back and very busy entering in my new Waymarks! I have some great ones from this trip. What a beautiful place. I was able to bag some lighthouses! Here is the best one:

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Oregon Coast, great views & bad caches

After spending a few days in Oregon, I now realize how good I have it in Idaho. It's probably the fact that most of the communities around here only have seasonal visitors. Many of the caches visited were gone or in bad repair. It's too bad because there are so many great hiding spots. The worst town I visited was Lincoln City. Terrible. Newport was OK and it did get better the further south you went.

A new type of cache... Introducing the Cachebug

You may or may not have some caches. You may or may not have some travel bugs. You most likely do not have a Cachebug. (This is interesting to me for more reasons than the obvious name association.) This is a new type of traveling cache. It carries a log and trade items but travels from cache to cache. It's a new travel bug/cache hybrid! It could be trackable on its own too! Imagine getting a cache number (GCXXXX) and giving it a starting position. A free trackable traveler?!?!? Maybe ;) What do you think?

I believe this would work under the Mystery Cache designation:

Mystery or puzzle caches

The “catch-all” of cache types, this form of cache can involve complicated puzzles you will first need to solve to determine the coordinates. The only commonality of this cache type is that the coordinates listed are not of the actual cache location but a general reference point, such as a nearby parking location. Due to the increasing creativity of geocaching this becomes the staging ground for new and unique challenges.

How much does a caching drive cost?

Are you wondering how much your geocaching addiction is costing you in gas? I don't like to think about this either... but it is a good motivator to ride a bike. The MP$ Calculator takes the price per gallon of gas and the average fuel consumption of you vehicle and tells you haw many miles per gallon you get for a dollar. (It isn't much) but it was very interesting to me.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pathtags site gets features, facelift

As promised by The Geocoin Store, the Pathtags site was updated yesterday. The most notable of the upgrades is the addition of a tracking menu option. Apparently, customers and people who have happened across a pathtag can log into this to do their Logging, tracking & trading. Right now it is still customer only.

The overall look of the site has changed as well. It may be an acquired taste for some. It is a LOT of yellow. The logo menu options have changed. They are all yellow now and more of a single layer stamped look.

The customer site has three new features:

The first is a play/pause button. This activates your tag for trading.

Number 2 is a button to edit the information of your tag. This feature has some bugs. When I call mine up, there is someone else's tag here (It's a nice looking team pathtag though :). This part is the coolest part of the site. You can name your pathtag... give some details... and upload some of your own pictures.

The final button lets The Geocoin Store know that you received your order.

As this site progresses more updates will follow.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Masters of Cache coin in production

Looking at this coin I have to say I am a little disappointed with the head of the dragon. On the other hand the back is excellent and the side is very cool too. I don't think that the mint did as good of job as they should have. This is still one of the best looking coins out there though.

PS The site has been updated as well as all of their others... more to come.

Oregon Coast Caching

I have heard that Oregon Coast caching was cool, so today-Monday I will be here checking out the sights. I will let you know what I find. So far I have found some really great Micros (Yes there is such a thing) from a cacher named coast cards.
One was a real exotic. A bolt over bolt plug that was made from a wood plug, a clear 35mm container, some JB Weld, a sawed off bolt & a magnet in the cap. I really liked it and I plan to do a how-to in a few days.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The most generic geocaching store in the world

Check out this site, their wacky selection will make you smile.

FTF coins received

Today I received the FTF coins from The Geocoin Store. These are great coins and it is tough to pick a favorite. I haven't seen the icon on yet, but I hope it's cool. It is a tough call on my favorite. The black nickel one has a nice front, but the back is clearly better on the bronze. I guess the bronze one has my vote. Nice job Hound, GCS keep the good stuff coming.

Collectible State Pin Set

This is a pretty good idea. CH Coins has introduced a pin set that will cover each state you have geocached in. Right now there are only 4 pins available (NJ, TX, WY, and UT) but 4-5 are coming each month. The big states cost $2.95, medium $2.15 and small $1.85 (The frame is sold separately for $14.99). They are enamel pins and appear to have an apoxy dome for long lasting appeal, however if you happen to get the full set you will have to drop some serious coin.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Groundspeak's Geocoin Policy

Here is the current policy. It talks about how to buy trackable numbers.

Multi-Color Nickels 1000 for $150!

Check these out, Old Time Nickels has a unique process were they are able to make a colorful wooden nickel. You get one side full color, and the back one color... still very cool I think. In some ways I think wooden nickels are superior. Technically you could buy 250 trackable numbers from Groundspeak and hand number them. You would even get your own icon. All for 350 bucks! That usually covers one side of the geocoin die... Interesting!

Geoswag 10 pin mystery pack

If you are looking for cool cache trades you should consider these. Most of the pins from "The Swag" are good. I have ordered a pack and I will tell you what I get. 10 for 10 seems like it is too good to be true!

The Signal Geocoin Store Grand Re-Opening

I have always found signal a tough mascot to accept. I guess he is a frog that has evolved into a biped with a flashy light bulb (antenna???) sprouting out of his head. It actually sounds kind of horrifying just describing him... Well anyway the area that you buy "Signal's" geocoins is back up and running with a bit of an upgrade. Now instead of black on the sides there is yellow... it seems like there may be more linked info too. Anyway after I have trashed on the frog, I must admit the September coin is pretty good (at least for a mutant biped frog with a light/antenna thing sprouting out of it's head). The price is $7.50+ shipping. If it was 6 bucks I would own it.

Check it out:

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A great coin from HogWild

This coin is $8 bucks but it does look great! HogWild is onto somthing with this collection! Check it out.

Travel Bug Dog Tags on sale

Geoswag is offering TB Tags in their Geocoins section (why who knows) for $4.25. As good of a deal as you will get if you are buying just a few. The normal $6 for these is piracy from our friends at Groundspeak!

*Update* The FTF Coins are shipping today

Yes, it's true The Geocoin Store is shipping both versions today!

*Article* Is Geocaching Cache or Trash

I found this article very interesting please check it out.

Gold Compass Rose *Sale Date* is geocoin outsourceing agent that keeps a few stock geocoins for sale. Most notably are their "Geo achievement Coins" and their popular "Compass Rose" series. I received this email last night and I thought I would pass it along for all the "Compass Rose" fans:


I thank everyone for their patience. We are ready to finish the sales of the 2006 Gold Compass Rose Geocoin. While the website is not fully ready handle the kind of situation that happened last time, some upgrades have been made. We are selling these now instead of waiting any longer. A true fix to the website will take longer than anticipated, but we want to ensure we get the real upgrades done with quality rather than rush the process.

We have listened to constructive suggestions made by some of our customers and decided that no other new coins will start selling at the same time of the Compass Rose coin. Keep in mind there are not very many Compass Rose coins left, so ordering will be difficult.

Sales of the Gold Compass Rose will start on Wednesday 20 September 2006 at approximately between 8:30am and 9:30am Eastern Standard Time zone (EST), USA.

If the website has problems again before the coins sell out, then we have a backup plan. We will provide a notice of the backup plan if there are any problems. If there are no problems with the website and they sell out, then the coin will no longer show on the ordering page.

Please do not continuously refresh the web page before and/or during the ordering times or you may not get a chance to order the coins.

Thank you,

Aaron Weed

*Note* The "Magic Geocoin" (A coin that is made to look and with limited magic 8ball functionality) will be on sale soon check in regularly for updates on that.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Ready to trade geocoins securely?

Unfortunately, it is impossible these days to put a geocoin in a cache and expect it to travel very far. There is a much better probability that they will wind up in someone's collection than on to the next cache. (People even take the ugly generic ones!) I believe I have found the best answer for the geocoin trading blues: The Supra "Big Box." Realtors have been using these for years, but this thing is perfect for geocoins. It holds 6 or 7 and conveniently mounts to anything flat. I suggest putting a log book on the outside so all cachers can log the cache but for coin trades, the cacher must email you through your email or Groundspeak. If you feel good about the cacher's intentions email them the key combo. The best part is you an regularly change the combo so if someone puts it up on a blog or website you can protect the coins. The cheapest I found the Supra "Big Box," was on Ebay for $39.95 + $5.00 shipping. This is a great deal if you consider the expense of the contents.