Sunday, November 12, 2006

Protect those expensive geocoins

I was going through a friends coin collection recently and couldn't help but notice how much corrosion and buildup had happened in not much time at all. I defiantly don't want that to happen to my geocoin collection, so I have been looking around for a way to protect them from oxygen. If you are planning on setting a coin in a cache this is needless to say, not necessary.

There are starting to be some Ebay overpriced holders out there so be careful!!!

So far, the best I have found is the X model (Ring type) of AirTite found here, and many other places I imagine. The great thing about this store is that they have this coin diagram. You can print it out and see exactly what size to buy. I chose the X model because it is for thick coins (like geocoins). The best part about this brand is that they support most of the available geocoin sizes out there (obviously not the custom shaped ones). These look great with your coins. They have a cool black or white border. If you have some better methods please let me know!

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