Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Geocoin stores get grades

I have decided to grade the various geocoin stores I have listed. I have tried to gather the most comprehensive list possible. The only sites excluded are ones were someone has set up a page to sell one coin. As a service to cachebug readers I have added grades to the stores. I am not rating them on service but how often they have new products and how well they do promoting their merchandice. These grades will change often so if you have a store with a low rank it is very possible to quickly change that with the addition of new merchandice or re-vamping the site.

More metals added in Air Power series

More metals of the F22 available here. Rumor has it there will be a warthog there by the end of the week.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Red Tail Falconer geocoins

This independent release geocoin looks pretty good! Here are the details:

*quoted text*
The time has come where I am opening my coin up for pre-order. It is 1.5 inch in a run of 250 coins. I am offering 130 antique gold, and 70 antique silver up for sale. If you are interested in reserving a coin, send an email to Catskillshiker@yahoo.com.

Please copy and paste this into the body of the email;

Geo Nick:
Real Name:
Paypal Address:
Email Address:
Qty Antique Gold to Reserve:
Qty Antique Silver to Reserve:

--Kris (redtailfalconer)

Lost Coin geocoins are back in stock

Hog Wild's popular "Lost Coin" geocoins are back in stock here.

Navstar geocoins in stock at Crake's place

These aren't my favorite Crake product, but they are still very nice coins. Grab them here.

Geoswag upgrades site photos

You wouldn't think that something like this would really affect the experience at an online retailer but wow, I'm going to buy way more stuff if it looks like that! I didn't realize how bad their photos were. Check it out here.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

LizardToadz Sell out, but you can make one!

It's true the lizardToadz Lizard series 2 sold out, but here is a creative little how-to that The Caching Place came up with. The idea is that you make your own "coin" to decipher a secret... I'm sure it's fun for kids, but forget them lets here it for the big kids!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Crikey geocoin coming soon

Wow I can't make this one up. Coinsandpins.com is making a Crocodile Hunter geocoin. All profits from the sale of this coin will be directly donated to Steve Irwin's wildlife charity Wildlife Warriors Worldwide Ltd. It is unknown how many will be offered at this time, but you can go here to find out more. This one seems a little over the top, but hey what do I know :)

CoinFusion project only on Ebay

Here are some great coins that were only going to be put in caches, but a geocacher came down with breast cancer so some of each metal will be auctioned off on Ebay. They are not trackable, but as you can see they do look very nice and feature the owners of the first 4 geocoins. To find the auctions go to Ebay and search for CoinFusion. Right now there is an auction for a black nickel one (My personal favorite). It is running $26 will a little over a day left.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Want a Nutlady geocoin? Now you can order

This is one of the best personal geocoins I have seen. It has been difficult to find out how to get one, but now you can get them here. There has been a lot of interest so you better hurry.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

New coins for preorder at TheCachingPlace

Applewomyn, Zoester and Little Hopper Micro's can be found at TheCachingPlace.com. Preorder starts TODAY so check it out here.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Aliens have landed at Geoswag

This is a set of 3 Alien Geocoins. With each set, you will get an Alien Geopin!
These coins Glow in the Dark!!
Copper + Nickel + Black Nickel

$37.85 for the set or 10.97 for just black nickel.

12 Days of Caching geocoin

Crake released this bit of information tonight. It seems he has something up his sleeve for the holidays. This 4 PIECE coin when assembled is 3" in diameter. Available as a set, the coins celebrate 12 days of caching from a Color GPSr all the way to 12 Satellites Tracking. It's Crake so it must be good! You can stalk his store here.

Air Power geocoin series set to take-off

Well, you will probably see these around for a while. Introducing the Air Power series from aetoys. Good looking coin, but they are headed out of the gate with a limited run of 600 :0. Maybe someone should tell them that is not very limited. Oh well, we will see how it takes. They are $9.50 which includes insurance and shipping here.

Loggerhead geocoins for the holidays

Mr. and Mrs Loggerhead are getting into the holiday spirit with a new holliday set. You will get the Thanksgiving and the Christmas coin at Christmas. These geocoins will be sold as a set only and each comes in an acrylic coin box. Only 250 total sets will be minted the 1st 125 sets will come with a special gift. Coins are expected to ship by Dec. 1. Each set is $21.95 and includes shipping to US and Canada. A set that includes international shipping is $23.95. You can get these here.

The Geocoin Club to have Monopoly geocoin

Well, as close to Monopoly as you can get without getting your pants sued off. The Madhatter came up with this one and I really like it. I only wish that there was a little more detail like some names on some of the properties and maybe a virtual ghost in jail, or maybe Jeremy himself ;)

Triple Dragon coming in December

Dwprods.com has released some teasers of the tripple dragon. This is the next coin in their dragon series. The first one, double dragon (Love that game) sold out very quick. dwprods.com uses some interesting methods in their geocoins. Diffrent metals instead of enamels for a cool look. I was able to get a peek at their upcoming Hong Kong coin. I guess this one was a mistake (wrong metals), but I can't say I though it was a must have. I'm looking forward to seeing the revision. To keep updated on these coins go here.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

MiGO Venturing Crew geocoin

This is a nice classic geocoin. This coin is a fundraiser for Venturing Crew 44°85° chartered by Michigan Geocaching Organization.

$10.00 USD +$3.00 shipping
250 coins
1.5" diameter
black nickel
custom icon

But $3 shipping???

Buy here.

Geocoin Club to announce new coin

Mike from the geocoin club emailed me today to say that the new GCC coin should be unveiled soon. Seems like if the clubs get any later on announcing the next month's coins they will have to skip a month ;)

All-Season Caching Set on sale

45 Antique Silver, four coin sets avalible These sets will be $38 (this includes shipping), please email me if you're interested and I'll send a paypal invoice...these sets will ship immediately. Email here triplewisdom@hotmail.com

Trainset Holiday Coin surprise!

Wow, Ranger 261 has been holding back on one of his holiday coins... It appears one coin was not included in either of his Christmas coin sets. You can buy it on CoinTracker. It features his now almost famous train set and what I would imagine is an elf-like caricature of himself! I wasn't a huge fan of the other Christmas coins, but this one may be tough to pass up. They are $7.50 & 1.50 shipping. They are from a run of 100 coins. They look to be in either shiny or foggy gold.

Monday, October 23, 2006

New Swag coin announced

Caching in the leaves will be Novembers club coin. Love the shape. The back is great too.

New Signal Geocoin...

Last month the frog man took a step in the right direction. This month, not as nice, but if you are a fan you will get it anyway ;) Definitely more gondola than viking ship.

Swag Night Caching Coin hits

The Geoswag Geocoin Club Night Caching coin delivers and it looks great! I wasn't expecting shiny gold, but it works. For those who don't know this is a Chris Mackey coin. It glows in only the way that Oakcoins can. They even threw in a cool black nickel holiday pumpkin coin for a little extra swag. It's not trackable, but very nice stuff. Geoswag is defiantly the best value in geocoins...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Looking for an easy cache?

Check out these cheap and easy containers available at Geocoins & Small Treasures. The rock is less than $8!!!!

The Prime Meridian Set is at Geoswag

Geoswag is offering The Prime Meridian Set. A set of coins that features The Prime Meridian in Greenwich England. These look great and you can get them here.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tree Pipe caches are cool!

Here is a geocacher who did a great job on their tree cache. I have been wanting to do one like this but the key is to hide the rope.

1. Take a 3" pvc/abs pipe about 12-18" long and glue a cap to the bot om.
2. Get some hunters duct tape (camo style) and wrap the pipe to hide it.
3. Also wrap the top cap, but don't glue it. You need to get at the cache
4. Load up the cache and fix a rope to it.
5. Throw the pipe cache over a branch that is pretty tall.
6. Secure the rope to a part of the tree that you can get to... and is well hidden.

It looks like this:

The Uckermark is a real beauty!

The Uckermark Geocoin, available at Geocoin Shop.de is a beauty! I can't honestly tell you what it is about but I like it ;) There are a ton of great coins available right now at this site from $8.00-$10.00 US. If you like great coins and don't mind a shipping wait, this is your store!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Is the "Gx" mark getting old?

Is it just me or is the "Gx" mark showing up everywhere. It seems to have become a necessity to put it on every geocoin. If you feel strongly one way or the other about it post your thoughts here.

Want a Geosquid coin?

You can get one here. They were once in silver and copper, but now only copper remains. They are trackable with a little squid icon. The coins are 1.5" (38 mm) in diameter and 3.5 mm thick. The cost is $8.00 Canadian.

Porcelain geocoins?!?!

Coins are sold out.

Well, here we go. The Germans over at My-Geocoin are selling a Dutch windmill geocoin made out of chinaware. The crazy part is Chris Mackey (Fox-and-the Hound) provided the artwork and they are only making 125 of them. Is it just me or is a traveling porcelain coin a crazy idea? Won't the thing break. It seems geocaching is a little too hard on things like this which brings me to the conclusion that this thing is just for a collector only :(

You can buy it here, but it does cost $16 bucks plus 3.00 s/h. It comes in a strange burlap sack.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Canadian Micros avalible at Land Sharkz

These Christmas Canadian Beavers "Beaver Dude" to those who know him are available for 29.00 Canadian at Land Sharkz. I believe that is about 26.00 US plus s/h. They are available in every metal.

2006 gbes rally coins still available

These are great coins and still around the coins are $10 each, $1.00 shipping for the first coin and .50 for each additional coin, domestic shipping, with a limit of 10 coins. for Canadian or overseas orders contact dale_harding@sbcglobal.netfor shipping fees. Grab'em here.

Pathtaggers going trade crazy!

The Pathtag community is in full swing with the new trading features... It's fun to easily trade signature items on the cheap! In the first day I am trading 6 tags. For anyone who is interested in getting a tag it is worth the effort!

The German Castle Coin

It looks like the Germans over at my-Geocoin.com are at it again. They crack me up with their silly characters. I know their coins are popular though. When you check out this coin be sure and check out the geotop coin. It looks cool and by the time it gets to you from Germany you will have forgotten and it will be a nice surprise! To get this and other coins from them go here.

Pathtags site opens up trading, kind of

The Pathtags site, as promised, has added some trading functionality. It isn't the trading module, the full featured trading addition, yet. How the current system works is it sends the owner of the tag an internal email showing your interest in their tag and attaches your email. Really you could do this before by adding a comment about their tag, but eventually everyone will be able to see the emails and that may cause some unnecessary stalking of the community. There are other tiny updates as well, but this is the largest. Here is what the new trade section looks like:

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Buy individual holiday coins from set 1

There were some extras in set one of the holiday coins and they will be sold individually. If you want one you will have to cough up $7.50 with $1 S/H. Place your order here.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Monterey Bay geocoin presale

Here is a nice personal geocoin for sale. To get it you need to email to this person kc8hnz@hotmail.com how many you want.

Size: 1.5" x 4mm
Quantity: 150
Plating: Antique bronze
Quantity: 150
Plating Antique Copper
Front: 2D, 7 colors
Back: 2D, no color
Coating: Epoxy
Tracking on Geocaching.com
Separate Icon

$8.50 each plus $1.50 S/H first coin, $.50 each extra coin.

Breast Cancer Ribbon geocoin

Some ribbons are not well done, but this one is... it features something no other coin does... a section that you personalize yourself! You get 22 characters and spaces to put your message. Other than that the coin looks great and goes toward a great cause. For 8 bucks you better get one here.

The "Mystery Coin" is revealed

*Update* Apparently you can't buy it now... I was able to purchase it minutes before though :) Weird! Sorry everyone else ;)

*Update* I guess I capitalized on a geocoinstore goof. First in line ;)

Chris Mackey has released his secret coin. It is very nice. It is the Cache Critters Coin. The best part is you can haul over to The Geocoin Store and buy it right now! Hey, what are you still doing here? Apparently this coin holds a secret. According to Chris the first person to discover it may get something special. Wow it's like a cache in a caching coin! Anyway this coin will ship the end of the month. Get out of here and get the coin NOW!

*Quoted from email*

There's even a little something special about the coin I'm waiting to see if
anyone notices, but I won't say what yet. Whoever notices it first might
just find something special in their stocking for Christmas ;) - Later -

Finally a little help to cache along a route

Brandon over at Geocachville has posted this help doc for Geocaching.com's caching along a route feature. I found it very informative. I think most people know about it but it did seem a little complicated. This blog helps a lot. Thanks Brandon!

Hong Kong Geocoin is open for reservations

After reading more about this coin, it looks like dwprods.com is calling out all the stops. It will be gold with a nickel overlay and sandblasting on the water. It should be a striking coin.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Holiday Geocoins ship in a week

If you would like some you can still get some in copper silver and gold here. The XLE Foggy silver/gold are with Christmas past...

Partners In Caching geocoins presale

These are funny little coins that these people made of their dogs. Very nice. If you like this sort of thing purchase them here. They are only 12.00 for a set of two (one of each) and add a dollar for shipping. (Yes, the fat wiener dog is the same price as the other one :)

Pathtag display at MiGO Fall Fun Day event

A little bird told me that all the current pathtags were displayed at the MiGO Fall Fun Day Event last weekend... The Bird told me that cachegame's tag was the best featured, but that's funny I don't remember trading any tags with the crew at The Geocoin Store... Shame, shame ;)

Night Reflector cache

I had never heard of these but this is a great idea. Give coordinates to a trail head of some type, or an open area would work, maybe. Place tiny reflectors to the cache. This would be great fun for someone and fun for you to read the logs... especialy the logs of people who didn't read the page and came during the day ;) The reflectors you want are called "Thumbtack reflectors." I hear you can get them from hunting stores like Sportsman's Warehouse.

Remember preorder begins for LizardToadz today

Among other coins, LizardToadZ has two new coins available for preorder today. The last time this happened they sold out very fast. Go here.

The 06 Alberta Wild Rose Geocoin is available to all

The password protect dropped off the geocoin today at The Geocoin Store. It is a nice looking coin for Alberta Canada. Before I had the front here's a look at the back:

No nuts yet from the Nutlady

No invoices yet from the Nutlady. It is not clear if anyone will in fact get a nut or not. According to her thread she would paypal invoice off of the thread its self.

Cache MN Coin only on Ebay

There are 2 metals... silver and gold. The silver (standard issue) is available as a buy it now @ $9.00 including shipping. The "LE" gold (200 produced) is an auction starting at $12.50. This is an interesting way to sell your coins, probably more lucrative, but a real pain for everyone else. The back features a geocaching.com logo. To buy search for "Cache MN" on ebay.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lovin' these Dutch LE orange tulips!

If you aren't afraid to wait an eternity on shipping these Dutch Micro LE tulips are great!
The icon is cool too. Get to these fast here.

Lots of Regions of Germany coins in stock

The CacheZone has a bunch of the Regions of Germany coins available. They also have some gold and silver Geocaching Championship coins there too. (Whatever those are all about) If someone knows please post. Go here for the goodies.

New preorders at The Caching Place

I received a very nice post that The Caching Place is about to offer 5 new coins available for preorder Monday morning. Most notably they will have two more versions of the Lizardtoadz coins that have an inside coin that rotates allowing you to use it as a code decipher tool. (Strange, but makes for some cool looking and functioning coins) Others in the lot include a cool F-16 coin in two metals, a logbook coin and the Toad version of the LizardToadZ pictured below. If you want these you better hurry here Monday.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Nutlady has gone nuts!!!

These are great. I don't know how to buy them and I don't think she knows how to sell them but these are super. Try and buy through the thread I guess.

You could buy one for a cache and squirrel one away ;o sorry...

Satellite Series #4

After a long no coin spell CH Quality is about to release the fourth coin in their satellite series. You will be able to get it here.