Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just a little break :)

Hi everybody. Everything is great here. As many of you know, I had a geocache near my home stolen. The event it's self was not that horrible, but did make me realize that I could use a short break from geocoins and geocaching. I do miss you all already and I will be back in the mix shortly. The break is not all selfish, I am taking the time to research cool new things that will make the site better than ever. My goal is to take some of the editorial away from myself and create a more diverse information/knowledge base for geocoins. The many emails from readers were appreciated, and the cachebug will be back and better than ever soon.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Huskies Geocoins

This coin looks cool, I cant wait to hold one. It is a coin of huskies with a very cool back image. You can pick these up $9 for the regular editions and $12 for the LE here.

Swagbus pulls up to AEToys

In true AEToys fashion the swag bus, a loaded down geocaching hippie mobile has cruised into their online showroom in many colors. You can buy them individually for $9.50 or all 5 for $45. I really like the icon! You can get these here.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tatanka Pejula Geocoin

New coin thank goodness, get my mind off my dumb missing cache. Tsunrisebey has a sweet nnew buffalo coin ready to reserve. Tatanka Pejula means buffalo medicine in Lakota (Sioux) The white buffalo to these people was the most sacred animal. The back of the geocoin says; le mita cola which means: My Friend. This coin is a token for a sacred friend.

Coin Specs:

Reservations for this coin started on 7/28/07
1.5", 3mm, translucents and white imitation enamel
300 geocoin starter mintage=unlimited amount, done over time, and I reserve the right to change out colors and metals.
100 gold
150 antique copper
50 Black Nickel (all reserved)

Prices and Shipping:
Reserve the coin by mailing
$3.95 each coin
US shipping= $2.00 first coin + .50 each additional coin
International shipping= $3.00 first coin + .50 each additional coin


Tatanka Pejula Geocoin
Paypal Address:
Geocaching Name:
Real Name:
Shipping Address:
Coins ordered: Gold ___ Copper___
Black Nickel (waiting list only) Yes___

More information here

Geocache muggled by the Bomb Squad

*Update* An astute area geocacher has found that this is just some lamo's way of stealing a geocache full of geocoins.... No bomb squad just a scumbag. Crazy hoax for a box of coins... hope it makes them happy.

This is very shocking to me but I had a geocoin cache on my property and I guess someone reported it as a suspicious container and the bomb squad came out. I am especially sad for the good folks who had their coins in it. It forces me to ask the question if the "terror" minded public and geocaching can co-exist. Here was the message folks with coins in the cache received:

Log Date: 8/25/2007
Unfortunately, this travel bug was placed in a geocache on private property without the property owners consent. Furthermore it was chained to a telephone pole. The cache consisted of a military ammo can with only military markings on the outside. Thus it was reported to law enforcement as a suspicious package and after examination removed by the Bomb Squad and the contents disposed of. Please follow the rules and guidelines as set forth on Please see

The kicker is that it was on my property, front yard in fact. Boy, wait until the find all the ones in the park...

-free man for now ---- cachegame

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Morpho Butterfly Geocoins

The Atwell Family has another outstanding coin to reserve. Butterflies are hot now in geocoins and this one is cool, I especially like the glow one. This comes in a standard edition blue $11.50, or as the three coin set $27.50 (including the glow). Reserve them here.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Quadcacher LEs

Previously Coinswag said that the Quadcacher LE geocoins would be available September 20th, however, the actual date is August 20. There are 30 of these sets available here. These are interesting because you can actually select the colors of the coin! The pack includes 10 coins in all including the custom LE for $87.50.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Back to Caching" Sale at C&P

Forget back to school, C&P has the gear that you really need :) These are on sale now.

- Flying Spaghetti Monster Geocoin. - satin black nickel finish (pre-orders only).
- Kangacacher geocoin.
- Emergency Medical Technician geocoin - The third design in our public service series. This one you can get here.
- Cachanova geocoin
- Temecula Valley Geocaching Association coin - the 2007 event coin

All the coins except the EMT coin can be found here.

JR20 Flaming Pool Ball Geocoin

Here is the new geocoin of JR20 a cacher since 2004. You can get these coins here. These coins come in several metals ranging from $10 to $15. Cool coin JR20!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Podcacher Geocoin

It appears that the Podcacher, a popular geocaching podcast has a new coin. I was given this information: "podcacher mystery ordering process - should i dial san diego?" There was also this code: 2zero6three505four26. As soon as the poor hacked Skype network gets back off the ground I intend to call the number as it seems like a phone number with an extension. My theory is that you will reach a machine that gives you ordering information. This was a cool idea by the Podcacher! A sort of geocoin ordering cache. Cool!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Eyes & Geocacher's Day Geocoins

Here are two geocoins from our German friends. Nice limerick on the Geocacher's day coin :D Check these out here. Both are available in a series of metals.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Quadcacher Geocoin

CoinSwag has rolled out the Quadcacher. It pays tribute to one vehicle that many cachers use to find geocaches, the 4-wheeler. This comes in a lot of colors and options that you can preorder here. One unique aspect to this coin is that there is a male and female version of this geocoin.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Small geocoin news section added

If you look low on the sidebar above the comments section you will find a new addition. I have noticed the number of geocoin related stories picking up, so I have added the latest news headlines for your enjoyment :) Click the links to read the stories.


The Sun Geocoin

These turned out cool for SoCalGeocoins. You can get them here in black nickel, nickel ($9.00) and a gold LE ($12.00) here.

Dragon Spinner Geocoin

This is the geocoin that Gridlox has been teasing people in the forums for months... 8 to be exact. According to Geoswag 8 dies were used to make this coin just right. Each coin has 2 stones for eyes and is 2" in diameter. There is an antique gold and silver version here ($9.47).

Monday, August 13, 2007

Crake Butterflies

These are cool magnet/geocoins. The Tiger Swallowtail is for sale here ($8.40). You can reserve the Monarch here.

Crystal ball geocoin

*Update* Also available as an antique gold single

Here's a cool new coin. It's the Crystal Ball Geocoin. You can get it here as a set ($17.98) or an antique silver or antique gold single ($8.99).

Saturday, August 11, 2007

West Virginia Geocoin Preorder

Hogwild is taking preorders for the first official West Virginia Geocoin. There is a resident version in antique silver, and a non-resident in black nickel (Representing the coal industry) and shiny gold. Only residents of WV can buy the resident coin. All coins cost $7.25 and preorders will last through Aug. 25 (After that the coins will cost a bit more from Hogwild.) You can preorder from the page here.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Cache Lei Geocoin

This is an interesting diecut. You pay for it at $11.50, but nice detail. You can find it here.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pirate Treasure washing up at AEToys

The pictured coin is expected here on August 15th. Also Mark mentioned that there will be more P-51s and the new F4U-Corsair as well.

GeocoinFest Multi Event (North Carolina)

North Carolina is getting involved with the geocoin festival fun! You can join the NC crew for a day of geocoins and caching on October 6th. The GC event cache is here, and the event details are here. Thanks for the info Dan!

* What: GeocoinFest Multi Event (North Carolina)
* Where: Jordan Lake Educational State Forest
* Event Contacts: dflye or creacher
* Event Time: 11 am - 5:00 pm (lunch at noon)
* Why: Meet geocachers and learn about geocoins

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Idaho Geocoin Event 2007

*Editors Note*

I understand others were disappointed that I would post this one and not the many other great events that happen across the world. All I can say is that if you send me the info I would be happy to post them too :) This one is in my back yard so thats why I did it.

I was forwarded this today and I am super excited. Thank you to Dorkfish and BRoKeN W for organizing this event. Here is a link to the event cache and here is a link to the preregistration site here. The event is October 6th at a corn maze near Meridian! Your admission is even covered if you preregister!

Geocaching - Gone To The Dogs Geocoin

Has Castleman made the ultimate tribute to geocaching dogs? Probably! This big 1.75" coin features 23 colors of hard and translucent enamels and took the mint 11 tries to get it right! He was actually told the coin couldn't be done, but here it is for $9.49 each. For dog lovers this will be a tough geocoin to beat! This coin was designed by Paula from Nice one Castleman! This one releases today here.

Monday, August 06, 2007

More coins up for grabs at Coins & Pins

I know if the coin store section of this site was easier to find, they would sell more coins! Coins and Pins is now busting-at-the-seams with geocoins! Last night they added 3 more! They include the Arthur & Trillian super-cool Hitchhikers Guide geocoin, the Canadian Red Poppy Spy Geocoin and the jRay8 Pirates of The Chesapeake geocoin. You can spend some time finding the sale on the site or just click here ;)

King of Geocaching Geocoin

This is a new German geocoin avalible here. It comes in polished silver and antique silver and there is an antique gold, and black nickel LE. These are about $14 US plus shipping. I don't really understand the concept. I guess that king guy could be Jeremy, the founder of Geocaching, or "Mambo" the person who minted the coin.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Wreched Skull Geocoin

This one is a customer inspired geocoin for Geoswag. I remember talk of it on the GC forums. This cool pirate themed two tone comes in a regular ($8.47) and a reversed LE ($8.97). These coins are encrusted with 6 crystals and come complete with a curse on the back. The coin is 42mm X 3.5mm and available here.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Road to Sacramento Geocoin

Geoswag did a coin to go with their GW5 micro. No Geowoodstock is complete without a micro bus. This one is 1.75" in length x 3.5mm thick ($7.47). Get it here.

7 Deadly Caching Sins Geocoins "Gluttony"

This is one hardcore geocoin! The Castleman is taking on the 7 Deadly Sins in this series. The first is this coin, "Gluttony." It shows a cacher that is in it for the swag... Must go to different caches than I go to ;). It is well done in Gothic type and black. They are 1.5" x 3mm in hard enamels and available in Nickel and Rhodium. You can get them here for $8.50.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Egyptian Narmer Palette Geocoin & New school of dorkfish

Dorkfish has released the third edition of the Egyptian Geocoin collection. This time it's the Narmer Palette. Think of it as a very old book that depicts the unification of upper and lower Egypt. You can read about it here. It's a great looking coin that is over 2.25" tall! $8.50 here at 7:00 PM (Mountain) tonight!

Also there is a very cool new school of dorkfish. These are sold as a set of 4 ($19.50) and not trackable. You can find these here during the sale tonight.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Earth Geocoin

This is the first of a series called the "Star Crazy Series" from SoCalGeocoins. Cool idea and I love the real photos on the backs! These are available here ($8.00).

Monday, July 30, 2007

MWGB Geocons at Hogwild

Hogwild has a bunch of t-shirt geocoins for this event. These are similar to the ones from GeowoodstockV ($8.00). There is also a round coin that was designed by Jamie of MadHattersNeverland called "Nickel Hyde Midwest Geobash Coin" ($8.10). Hyde appears to be a cartoon character that will appear from time to time like Signal I guess.

There is also something called "The Midwest Geobash Experience Package" Registered attendees received these. It includes a yellow string bag and 3 pins from Oakcoins. These ones include two of the above mentioned Hyde geocoins (One of each finish). ($20)
All of this goodness is available here.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Cacher Tag Micro Traveler Geocoins

It looks like tags are now a type of geocoin. Here is one from Castleman that will be coming out tonight on his site here. These are sold in the colors pictured and as a set for $16.49. They are trackable!

Another chance at the Earth Turtle

For those who missed out on the Earth Turtles over at The Caching Place, you get another chance there is a presale here for a new shiny silver version with translucents and glitter. This presale lasts until this Sunday 7/29 9:00pm MST. Preorder it here for $8.75.

Big sale and new coins at the Geocoin Store

The store has been quiet for a while, apparently minting a bunch of geocoins! Here is what's new:

- MWGB 2007 Poker Marker Geocoin
- Atlanta Gal's Anniversary Slot Machine
- The Pathtag Sherpa Geocoin
- The Go 4x4 It Jeep Themed Coin

Along with the new coins are a bunch of sails. Most coins are cut 33%. The Christmas coins are now $2. An excellent price for a Chris Mackey coin (Remember there is the miles challenge on these too: The Chris coin with the most miles by thanksgiving gets the treasure chest of geocoins!)

Cache Rewards Geocoins

*Update* The price of these has been slashed from $5.25 to $5.50 for the LEs!

These are very nice looking geocoins and they are meant to reward a cache owner for creating a very cool geocache. These come in several metals (Gold, Nickel, and antique bronze and silver) and have a variety of phrases like "Amazing View" and "Great Container." Unlike reward coins in the past, these are trackable with icon. Get these here for $7.25.

Back Says:
"This coin is meant to be placed in a cache that deserves recognition for the quality shown on the front. Please move it to a cache that you feel deserves it."

Coin Stats:
1-1/2'' 38mm x 3.0mm

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Moun10Like Geocoin

This one is a little strange. It is apparently a presale tribute geocoin for Moun10Bike, the cacher who had the very first geocoin. The weird part is that Moun10Bike goes to great lengths to make sure that his geocoins are not sold. It seems ironic that a tribute coin would be sold. This is a nice looking coin that looks a little like the original geocoin and says "Thank you Moun10Bike!". You can put in your order here for $9.49 plus $2 shipping.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Forest cache frog shipping

Small note,

The preorders for the Forest Cache Frog from AEToys will all have shipped by today. These are still available here.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sale today at C&P

Tonight at 7:00pm EST, 4:00pm PST, you can get these little beauties:
*The Flying Spaghetti Monster Geocoin. It has moving eyes.
*The second edition of the Arrow One personal geocoins.
*The Geocachingdragon 2007 geocoin.
*The Fayetteville Adopt A Site geocoin. Commemorates the continuing clean up work donated by the local Airborne Chapter of Military Association of Geocachers and the Fort Bragg North Carolina Geocachers Association.
*An antique bronze version of the Geocache America 2007 geocoin

You can find these coins here when the sale begins.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sir Cache "The Knight" Geocoins

Paula from and Jim (Castleman) worked together to make this cool one. This little guy is 2" tall and 3.5mm thick and comes in the metals pictured. These will go for $9.50 Monday between 5-6 pm Pacific. Each one is 2-tone metal! You will find these here when the time is right.

Earth Turtle Geocoin

Here's another cool one from tsunrisebey, The Earth Turtle. These will be available here at the Caching Place July 25 at 9am (MST) for $8.75. It is inspired by the Earth Turtle, a Native American symbol for the balance of nature and humanity. Available metals for sale in two-tone: Antique Silver/Black Nickel and Copper/Black Nickel. There is a gold/black artist version, but not for sale.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Northern Right Whale Geocoin

This is a great looking coin for a good cause. The Right Whale was hunted to near extinction and in some areas the numbers continue to decline. A portion from the sail of this geocoin goes to the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies. I love the look of this coin which was designed by Jamie at MadHattersNeverland. There is also a matching pin. You can pick this coin $7.75 and a LE $8.25 up here at Dorkfish coins.

GeoQuahog Geocoins

[D]22 is taking preorders on a nice coin that comes in bronze or nickel for $24.95, or Sterling Silver for $64.95 . Much like the Tiki Coins, the casts are hand made and there are very few made. The Quahog is a shellfish (The State Shellfish of Rhode Island) that was used for Wampum (money). There are not trackable, but very very cool and available here.

Monday, July 16, 2007

New Team Sand Dollar for MWGB

*Update* New pictures added

This is a tease I guess from Team Sand Dollar. There are 100 of these that are going to be for trade at the MWGB event. After the event these will be up for trade for everyone else. There are also 10 two tones that were made. The six that are not spoken for will be placed on ebay.

These 1.5" coins are not trackable but are individually numbered.

Thanks for the info Loran!