Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Why don't geocachers waymark?

It wasn't long ago when I got hooked into geocaching. But as I explored the geocaching site I noticed the many ads for Waymarking. I took a look and it all seemed very complicated. It took some weeks but I returned to the site. I don't know if it was pure boredom or, some reason that I couldn't go geocaching, but I was determined to find out what the big deal was with this section of the Groundspeak universe. I personals found the premise very appealing... go around and claim stuff for your own. It's like being a pirate.

In the beginning this was just a joke. I would claim all the things in my city that I thought would be funny to say "hey, I own that miniature Eiffel Tower." (Sad, but I actually do :) But the funniest thing happened when I started claiming the parks. I did a google search and the waymarks were at the very top! This has happened with many of my waymarks. Apparently, Google loves Waymarking. The zoo, library, history museum, most things end up at the top or near the top in google. It really made me open my eyes to virtual ownership. No taxes, no maintenance, just this very strange control of peoples perception of the place. Consider this, what if waymarking does become the "atlas" someday. Many business owners will not own their own waymark, and will be scrambling to get theirs back!

*Waymarking Geek Tip*

With the web spiders almost living in this site there is another very odd power that comes out of this site... the power of promotion. I have personals tested this. You can put a link to an area you would like to promote, say a new website you just posted. I was on google in 12 hours. (This takes 40-50 waymarks to work)

I know I am unique in my favor of this site. I have talked with many who "just don't get it." That's fine with me. I will just keep roaming around the country like Black Beard and take things out of their own back yard. (Place evil laugh here)

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