Friday, March 30, 2007

C&P sale going on now

Defiantly more metals than we have seen in past C&P offerings. The two tone dragon coin was a surprise. Check these coins out here.

2007 Georgia State geocoin

Here is a beautiful state coin that features the Tybee Island lighthouse. A lighthouse that has stood on the Savanna River for more than 270 years! GA Cacher put these together and is selling them at cost. Only $8 and that includes shipping. More coins are $7.50 each. Georgia residents can order a gold LE version, but everyone else gets the still very nice Silver version.

To order email:

Include the following:
*Your Geo nic
*Your Name and mailing address
*The number of coins you want (only 5 golds)
*How you wish to pay either pay via Paypal invoice (include email address for this if different) or Snail Mail a Check/M.O.

You will be contacted by email

Geocache Coffee Geocoin

Geoswag has a venti-sized answer to your morning coin habit. This 45mm x 3.5mm coin comes in gold and black nickel. These are $7.47 each plus shipping and loaded tractable goodness. Get these here.

Cache Movers Geocoin

Here is a nice inexpensive geocoin from the Geoswag store. It has a cool retro look and features a hole that you could attach to a traveler if you wanted. These come in Nickel and Copper and the more you buy the better the deal. 1-4= $4.75, 10+ $3.97 plus shipping. You can pick these up here.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Missouri Hawthorn Geocoin

Here is a nice micro event coin that a lot of people were looking for. You can get it here for $6.50 plus $2 shipping. This version is in black nickel.

Caught Red Handed Micro

LemonFreshDog started this project as a micro version of the regular geocoin (pictured). There has been tons of interest, but due to outside circumstances LemonFreshDog has handed this project off to be sold AT COST.

I just received word that photos will post SOON. This coin will be sold for under $4.00.

More about this soon.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Humane Society of Central Oregon Geocoin

Here is a nice geocoin for a great cause. All proceeds benefit the Humane Society of Central Oregon. 250 coins were minted but they are only selling 100 of these so you better get them quick. Finish: satin gold with soft enamel size: 1.5 inch diameter cute and cuddly for $12 which includes shipping. Get these here.

BEE-Ware Geocoin

Jayman11 has a new coin almost in production he sent out some pictures of the samples. The eyes glow on the bee and they look pretty menacing. This coin should show up middle to end of April so you can BEE on the lookout :O

C&P sale Friday

The following coins will hit the block at C&P Friday 8:30PM Eastern 5:30 Pacific. The coins that will be a part of the sale include:

- W4MK amateur radio personal geocoin (Nice looking personal)
- South Africa geocoin
- Yetibratle event geocoin (Cool looking event coin)
- e-place geocoin (Don't know what to say about this one (pictured)
- Geocachingdragon personal geocoin (3rd Release)
- Skullduggery geocoin (Pirate style coin)

See them all here.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Geocoin Chat

There is a new Geocoin Chat that the CinemaBoxers set up at their website here. I have avoided ICQ style chats in the past, but this one works very well and you don't have to download anything to your computer! There are often people to talk to here. Dorkfish was swimming around in there when I checked it out and gave me a great Easter Bunny tip.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Pirate Geocoin - Antique Gold

You get a shot at this popular geocoin in antique gold if you hurry here at HogWild. It seems that Pirates are the "thing" right now. This is a cool one. The antique silver sold out FAST.

St. Patrick's Day 2007 Geocoin

Here is a happy little leprechaun coin. Get it here at CH Quality for $7.99 plus shipping.

The Travel Coin

Here is a simple coin that is a compass rose of sorts. You can pick it up here for $8.69 plus shipping.

Pirate's Booty Geocoins

These look very cool! The Spanish gold piece look is one of the best pirate designs I have seen. You can get these as a standard size coin or as a micro. Standard coins are $8.25, and micros are $5.89 plus shipping. You can pick these up at CH Quality Coins here.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

OshnDoc Version 1.5

It looks like the middle of April the version 1 will be delivered, but those still hungry for this good looking coin you can now order another metal. This one is in antique gold, but doesn't include the polishing effects that the original had. I don't know the cost but you can most likely order it by contacting OshnDoc from his profile here.

Micro Benchmark Geocoin singles

You can now get singles of the Geoswag Micro Benchmark geocoins. They are $4.97 plus shipping here.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Traveling Chief & Pokemom Geocoin

Here is an interesting coin from an Idaho geocacher. These aren't for sale yet, but if you send your information to the email below, you will be contacted with details. The coin is estimated to cost $9 plus shipping.

Send your request to:

Include in the email...

Geocache Name:
Qty Desired (only 2 per metal)
Black Nickel:
Your email address:

7 geocoins avalible in the Cachebug Forum

If you haven't checked it out, go here.

Tripple Dragons in Production

This is the follow up coin the the Double Dragon geocoins. These look pretty cool and are Finally in production. There are a bunch of metals to choose from and they can be reserved from dwprods geocoin store here. This is a 1.75" x 3mm thick trackable geocoin. Price for these is about $9.00 depending on how many you buy and a set is available at a discount.

Appalachian Trail Vermont Geocoin

For those of you collecting this massive set the Vermont coin is now avalilible here at Geoswag. There is the standard antique bronze edition for $6.97 plus shipping or you can treat yourself to the LE set with the bronze & silver LE for $14.97. There were 300 of the silver and 400 of the bronze made.

Geocaching The Top 40 - Sooner22

Here is another of the Geocaching The Top 40 to pop up for sale. You can get it here for $10 plus $2.50/$1.00 shipping.

Friday, March 23, 2007

March Geoswag Geocoin & Pin Club

This month's coin was full of surprises! The coin it's self has front and back glitter enamel (The first coin I have seen like that!) and a special surprise! A micro geocoin (Trackable) celebrating the one year aniversary of the club. I will post pictures soon but is a nicely done brass geocoin with all 12 of the coins that were produced. Very cool treat Christian and the boys! You can join the coin club here.

P-51 mustang Geocoin

You can preorder this coin for a discount here. It is the first in the Vintage Airpower Series from AE Toys. Coins are $8.50 US/Can, or $10.50 to the world.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Anthus Laptop Geocoin Reservations!

These are COOL! Anthus came up with this geocoin and it is truly unique. Mini Laptops! These way in at $11.00 each. Or $23.00 for the blue or red laptop set. You can reserve yours here.

Here are the styles:
Black Nickel (Regular)
Nickel (Regular)
Nickel with Blue Translucent Top (LE)
Nickel with Red Translucent Top (LE)
Shiny Gold (XLE) -- trade only coin

Blue: Includes Black nickel and the blue coin
Red: Includes Nickel and the red coin.

CITO Around The World Geocoin

Here is a new Cache In Trash Out geocoin. It reminds us that CITO is a world wide effort. This coin is minted in shiny gold and imitation hard enamels. 250 of these were made and they are for sale here for $7.00 plush s/h.

Stringalights Personal Geocoin

Here is a cool personal designed by Applewomyn. Stringalights is a South Carolina cacher that started in 2006. The coin is 1.5" and comes in shiny silver with an imitation hard enamel finish and trackable with icon. The total mint is 250 coins and the price is only $7.00 plus s/h here.

Hoppin' Cousin #1 Geocoin set

This little guy is the distant cousin of the original Little Hopper. It was designed by Applewomyn and sold in a set of one regular 1.5" coin and a 1" micro. It is trackable with icon and avalible here. 500 coins were minted and the set costs $12.50 plus shipping and handling.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Austrian GeoCow Geocoin

Do not confuse this coin with an Australia geocoin, as the coin points out there are no kangaroos in Austria! This is one wacky coin, and you can get it here. This coin costs 6.50 Euro ($8.50 US) It comes in both polished copper and black nickel.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

February 2007 Signal Geocoin - Finland

Signal the frog pops by Finland for some snowmobiling... The edges on this coin are cool. You can pick it up here for $7.50.

Cinemaboxers Personal Geocoin

Here is a personal that I know a lot of people were looking for. Cinemaboxers are regulars in the coin forums and are now designing some coins. This personal looks very cool. It's in black nickel with soft enamels and costs $7.50 plus shipping here.

Bring Your Own Pencil (BYOP) Geocoin

This is the latest geocoin to hit the Geocoin Store's Bargin Bin. It designed by the MadHatter and is inspired by all the caches that ask that you BYOP. It's only $5 here.

This isn't the only bargin happening at the Geocoin Store. The seasonals and a bunch of others are marked down almost 50%. Good prices for Chris Mackey stuff. You can see it all here.

New Geolicious Geocoins

The Geolicious, Mountain Cache, Geocoins are now in stock over at Coinswag. This coin was designed by Mike from Atwell Family the coin is 50mm long, 16mm tall and 3mm thick, trackable on with a unique icon. This coin comes in three different metal choices including the black nickel with glitter LE. The gold and nickel coins are sold separately for $8.95 plus shipping, but there is a 3 coin set available that has the LE for $25.95. All though the flavor of these coins lasts a loooong time, these packs will disappear here soon :)

April Fool's Geocoins... no fooling

Castle Man has a new April Fools day coin. These look funny... in a good way :)

Size: 1.75” Imitation Hard Enamel
Thickness: 3.5 mm
Metal & Quantity: 150 Gold, 75 Silver, and 75 Special Edition Glitter (Available at a Later Date to customers who purchased one of the regular editions ONLY)

If you are interested in purchasing, please send an email to:
Subject: April Fool’s Geocoins
(Copy and paste this into the email)
Geo Nic:
Real Name:
Paypal Email:
Contact Email Address:
Quantity Gold:
(Silver sold out)

Symbology/Geohana reservations OPEN!

Chris says the LE may or may not be GOLD. (I guess we will see :)

Probably the biggest news is that the LE Symbology coins will be gold! I can't wait to see them :) To preorder the coins that you reserved you can go here. There is no rush to preorder. LE sets will need the email address of your reservation to be ordered from the website.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Run For The Roses Geocoins

Here are some nice horse racing geocoins based on a painting by Paula of CinemaBoxers. There will be an antique Bronze, Silver and a two tone LE (pictured). These are trackable with icon and will make it to the Geocoin Shop shortly here.

PaRacers Personal

What a great coin! It has all the things I like; Coords to a cool place, geocaching related content, a nice vintage Moun10bike look, and nice 3D. Great job guys! This is a 1.75" trackable coin in antique gold. It runs $8 plus $2 for the first coin then/.50 shipping. You can pick it up by emailing:

email PaRacers

Subject of email: PaRacers Canoe Place Geocoin

(Copy and paste this into the email)
Geo Nic:
Real Name:
Shipping Address:
Paypal Email:
Contact Email Address:
Quantity(limit 3):

Norman Geocachers Coin

This one is now ready to preorder! Find out all about in here in the Cachebug Forum.

Mojave Desert Geocoins

Here is another great shaped coin from the Castle Man. I really like the cactus! It featues imatation hard enamels and is sold in two metals. The coin pictured is an XLE will most likely be avalible after the intitial sale (Castle Man style :). These coins will cost $8.25 plus shippng (1.50/.50 USA, Candada) ($3.50/$1 Everywhere else). You can get more details here. These are trackable with icon.

Size: 1.75” Imitation Hard Enamel
Thickness: 3.5 mm
Metal & Quantity: 125 Antique Silver, 125 Antique Gold, 50 Antique Copper (Currently NOT FOR SALE) The LE Copper's with the glitter enamel will be available at a later date.

To order email Castle Man:
Subject: Mojave Desert Geocoins
(Copy and paste this into the email)
Geo Nick:
Real Name:
Paypal Email:
Contact Email Address:
Quantity Silver:
Quantity Gold:

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Vintage Airpower Series

This series is flying into AE Toys. I like the flag in the background. It looks even better than the first Airpower Series. The P-51 Mustang will be the first coin to roll out of the hanger. Expect to see samples in 7-10 days here. The F-16 from the original Airpower Series is available too. Thanks for the email Mark!

Royal Flush (Hearts) Geocoins

Ok, I have the hole story now... Thanks for posting!

USA Geocoins has a new concept that is pretty cool. This set of coins is going to be issued at random. 10's and Jacks will be the most common and the aces will be rare. Becouse of this, it will be very hard to get a whole "Royal Flush" unless you trade. The idea is that it will incourage people to trade coins. You can purchase a random coin here. Each coin is $7.99 plus shipping and you can preorder them by check or money order.

1.5 inches
Polished Nickel finish
Individualy numbered on the side
Trackable with icon.

Set breakdown:
10 of hearts 200 coins
Jack of hearts 175 coins
Queen of hearts 150 coins
King of Hearst 100 coins
The Elusive Ace of hearts..50 coins

Hawaii Micro Geocoins


Both coins are hard enamel.

These are nice little hibiscus micros. There is a residents version that has orange enamel and a regular version where the flower is yellow soft enamel. These come in packs of 5 and will be sold for $24 in the us and $27.00 to Canada. Everywhere else will ship for $28.00. These are trackable with a nice icon. You can read more in the Cachebug forum here.

Size: 1.00”
Thickness: 2 mm
Metal & Quantity: 1,000 total minted, 850 yellow hibiscus, 150 orange hibiscus (Hawai`i residents only), polished/shiny gold
Colors: Hard enamel, transparent yellow (orange) and red on the front, transparent blue and regular green on the back

To order:
Send an email to:
Subject: Hawai`i Micro Geocoins

(Copy and paste the following into the email)

Geo Nick:
Real Name:
Paypal Email:
Contact Email Address:
Quantity of Sets:

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cachehunters42 2007 Signature Geocoin

Cachehunters42, owners of CH Quality Geocoins has a new 07 personal available here. It is a 1.5" 3mm Brass based coin. It's Antique Silver Plated with Imitation Hard Enamel and translucent coloring. There were only 200 of these made and they are trackable with a cool cloven hoofed icon. These run $7.89 plus shipping.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Good Lizards & Toadz Gone Bad

This is interesting! These lizardToadz Cypher coins were engraved improperly and the tracking codes were removed. These aren't so good for tracking anymore, but they can still help you out on a puzzle cache. Get these here for $6 plus shipping & Handling.

Jangor Caching Canada Geocoin

Here is a great personal geocoin of Jangor. I like it because it gives a unique look at Canada that Americans don't get that often. Great shape and cool use of imitation enamels! You can get it in black nickel or polished nickel here. It is about $8.50 plus shipping from Canada.

Zion National Park Stamp Geocoin

Here is another in the National Park Stamp series. These come as a stamp ($7.95) or a round coin ($8.50). you can check these out here.

CITO 2007 Geocoin

The new 07 Cache In Trash Out coin is for sale at The Geocoin Store here. It is a nice reminder that as geocachers we also need to be good stewards of the environment around us. This years coin has a great shape and of course the frog. This coin commemorates the fifth annual event, on Saturday, April 14. For $6 it would be fun to do a CITO event in your area and hide some of these for the volunteers to find.