Monday, September 18, 2006

Ready to trade geocoins securely?

Unfortunately, it is impossible these days to put a geocoin in a cache and expect it to travel very far. There is a much better probability that they will wind up in someone's collection than on to the next cache. (People even take the ugly generic ones!) I believe I have found the best answer for the geocoin trading blues: The Supra "Big Box." Realtors have been using these for years, but this thing is perfect for geocoins. It holds 6 or 7 and conveniently mounts to anything flat. I suggest putting a log book on the outside so all cachers can log the cache but for coin trades, the cacher must email you through your email or Groundspeak. If you feel good about the cacher's intentions email them the key combo. The best part is you an regularly change the combo so if someone puts it up on a blog or website you can protect the coins. The cheapest I found the Supra "Big Box," was on Ebay for $39.95 + $5.00 shipping. This is a great deal if you consider the expense of the contents.

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