Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Climbing Carabiner Geocoins

These cool carabiner coins are 1.25” x 2” and are trackable w/icon. They were designed by Briannan of the Atwell Family, a group of USA/CAN geocachers. These are very unique and you can preorder them by emailing

Be sure and add the following -

Subject: Carabiner
Geo Nick:
Real Name:
Paypal Address:
Email Address:
Quantity per metal (or specify set):

These are $8.50 (USD) each s/h included (United States or Canada). Worldwide shipping adds $4.25 per order.
US$22.50 ~set of 3~ s/h included (United States or Canada). Worldwide shipping adds $4.25 per order. LE trades will be considered for Black Nickel/Pink version

Goudcat Personal Geocoin

Here is a personal for a cacher in Bend Oregon. The cat will have glowing eyes and it will have an antique plating (assuming silver) This is a reservation only here. Cost unknown.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Crake's Symbology samples are in and WOW!

It looks like Crake is trying to be the master of detail. These look soooo cool! Mr. Mackey, it looks like you have a challenge on your hands :) Thanks for the tip Chris, today is probably the only day I haven't checked your blog :P These are not for sale yet... but it appears that it won't be long!

Red Cross Geocoin

Get on the list here. It will be 1 1/2", it will be trackable and the price will be $12. There will be 200 standard issue coins, of which 175 will be offered for sale and 25 kept for chapter use. The LE Metals (15 of each) will be available on eBay. Money earned will go to the American Red Cross.

Belted Kingfisher Geocoin

Presale has began for this coin.

LE's (Polished gold, and silver) are $8.50
Standard issues (Antique Silver, Bronze, Copper) are $7.25

Prices do not include shipping which is $1.50 for the first coin and .50 cent for each additional coins (US). International orders must contact the seller first.


Caching Name:
Real Name:
PayPal e-mail address:
number and finish of coin you want:

And email it to:

Hazard-Perry County Geocoins

These geocoins are still available. I don't know much about them other than they were made for a geocaching event. These are $6 shipped anywhere!

To get some, email: and provide your name, email address where he may reach you, and any questions you may have.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Ham Radio Geocoin

A new addition has entered the bargain bin. This unusual coin even has a place to add your ham call sign (Radio, not fatback). You can catch one here for 5 bucks!

Dont Tread On Me Geocoin

This geocoin popped up here. It is $9.00 plus 2.50 shipping. Seems a little expensive, but I haven't seen the coin in person.

Lancashire Geocoins

Some cachers over in the UK have this coin for sale. Only 250 were made and they can be bought from this website. These are $11.46 USD plus shipping.

Poland Geocoin hits Landsharkz

This 2" geocoin was minted at the request of Team K1W1 who hail from New Zealand (now live in Canada) and are Polish descent. Team K1W1's father is the honorary Polish Consul in New Zealand and has approved all Polish text on this coin. We decided to make this a hefty 4.0mm to create depth and detail of the Polish eagle. The icon will be the head of the eagle. I think it looks outstanding! It comes in antique bronze, silver and copper. This coin is $8.75 Canadian ($7.42 US) and available here. Total for one coin including shipping is $11.67 USD.

Nielsenc coin as cute as a pug


Heard today that this will be trade only. You can contact nielsenc here.

So, not long ago in the GC Forums Christian (nielsenc) was brainstorming on a coin that "His wive made him do" for his dog. Well, he did and what an amazing coin it is. I imagine that this coins construction is similar to Crake's upcoming 3 Roses coins. It is a magnet coin with about everything you could get on a coin... The front is very detailed 3D pug. The Back features a pug/fire hydrant dog tag shaped piece, which when you turn it over it is in fact another coin that shares the trackable number. (Please do not put it on your dog and the dog as swag!) The address is stamped on the side too. It's a coin like this that makes you wish you where Christian's dog :D Nice coin/s nielsenc! I have a feeling that you will so be able to buy this from soon.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

OshnDoc geocoins have invoiced

OshnDoc's cool personal invoiced yesterday. I believe there are still some avalible if you contact OshnDoc through his profile here. These are $8.75 per coin plus $2.00 shipping.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Crake's Geohana Proofs

These are proofs of one of Crake's upcoming releases. I, for one, have been really looking forward to this one. I like to spend time in Hawaii when I can. I recently bought some of the 1951 bus tokens that these are designed after. The tokes are very interesting. They defenetly have a gold cast to them, and very small.. about the size of a nickel. These have a cool history and it was a cool idea to model a geocoin after them.

Crake is one of the great artists of the geocoin world and beyond. These coins look great, but I think that the hula dancer looks a little more like my niece wanting me to pick her up, than hula dancer. However, a lot happens to preproduction coins (which is what these are) before they become the finished product. Chris seems quite good with the finished details ;)

Skype call any phone special

*Non-Geocoin special*

For anyone who knows or cares about Skype there is a special going on right now that is pretty outstanding. Until Jan. 31 you can get their call any phone package for 14.95. After that it goes to $30. It is so cool to call long distance as much as you want for $15 a year! You can get it here.

Blue Girl Geocoin

If you have a coin to trade (Mainly because it is for trade only) you can get this creepy little coin! It's cool looking but pretty disturbing :) To trade coins you can contact Geolobo from

The most interesting news for me was that Geolobo (the owner of this coin) is doing what appears to be an extensive list of all the geocoins in existence with some information on each. It has been a goal of mine to do a public version of this (It looks like they have a website under construction)... I hope they make their info public :D You can include your personal in their database by going here.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Proud dad alert

Thanks for all the nice emails for our first baby (Jax, it's a he)!! I really appreciate them all :) One little photo ;)

Own a personalized freaky big geocoin

This is so cool! Now you can preorder one of those World's Largest Geocoins! Geoswag is holding a rare presale for those interested.

Geocoin: Generic Mega Geocoin
Manufacture: Oakcoins
Size: 5"
Thickness: 5mm
Weight: 19oz
Base Metal: Bronze
Cost: $34.97
S&H US: $4.50
Outside US: $5.75

Ready? Get it here

Thursday, January 25, 2007

New baby at the Cachebug!

Jax William Brown was born yesterday!!! 7lbs 6oz, with a pension for caching. I will try to have regular updates, but please forgive anything missed for a day or two :)

Some Idaho Micros still avalible

These are Idaho's first trackable coin. For $5.80 each including shipping they are at a fair price too. As far as I know the best way to get the extras (Ones not sold during the presale) you can email Cachanova here:

For those who have not recieved your coins you should have them on or around the 26th.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Poland Geocoin

The Poland Geocoin is coming soon to Landsharkz. This coin is not for sale yet. It will be available in antique silver, antique bronze and antique copper, this 1 1/2" coin is 4mm thick and displays a 3D relief of the Polish eagle.

The back bears a 2D map of Poland in the Polish colours, ah I mean colors :D .

Fundamental and Venlis SAAB geocoin

I understand that this is the second version of the Fundamental and Venlis geocoin, two cachers from Tampere, Finland. The geocoin is Antique Cooper, 1.75" and features a picture of their beloved Saab on the front of the coin in 3D. This Antique Copper version shares an icon with the previously sold Antique Silver and Gold geocoins in 2006.

You can pick up this one here. Price $7.75 plus shipping. Nice!

Missouri Route 66 Geocoin

This coin is now available at HogWild. It was created by 9key and comes in satin silver and gold. 50 coppers are floating around and may be had by making a deal with 9key or getting lucky and having one mixed into your order. The coin is 1.75 inches 3.5 mm thick Trackable at with a unique icon. These are $8.75 each or you can buy the set of both metals for $16.50. You can buy these here.

911 Turbos Geocoin

Porsche fans will want one of these. It's 911Turbos new personal. Landsharkz minted these, and they appear to be on quite the roll. It is shaped like the famous Porsche model 911. Price is $9.50 Canadian ($8.25 US). Shipping for USA/Canada will be $2.50 cdn ($2.15 US) for 2 coins and 50 cents for each additional coin. You can get these by sending the following information to their profile here.


Caching Name:
Real Name:
Paypal email address:
Shipping address:
Number of coins:

Coin specs:

The Specifications are:
Length: 58mm (2.25 inches)
Height: 20mm (.75 inches)
Thickness: 3.5mm
Polished Nickel trackable with a custom icon
Total minted: 500

Big Coin Challenge

What would you be willing to do for the largest Geocoin in the world?

Well, Chris of LindsyChris was willing to fill a dress with chocolate pudding and go caching in a public place! I don't see what the big deal is, I see people like that in Kohls all the time :D Congrats Chris! I wish you could have captured some onlookers in the photo :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

A second chance at the Sand Dollars

Team Sand Dollar is running back to the mint with their popular coin. You can get in line for the second minting of the gold and silver by contacting Team Sand Dollar from their profile page here. If you are interested in the matt black coins you can pick these up now here for $8 plus 1.50 shipping.


Thank you so much to whoever nominated me for the Pay It Forward project. I got my coin today and what a surprise it was :D The Pay It Forward project has taken the message from the Kevin Spacey movie to heart and has set out to make it a reality. Landsharkz minted the coins and they are given to people who are secretly nominated for actions that merit recognition. Pay_It_Forward's profile is fascinating. And you can check out the movement's web page here. Thanks very much for the coin! It made my day. I'm not sure if there are any coins left for nominations, but you can check here:

Still some Casino Geocoins left

For those who missed these the first time around you can still get copper and silver coins by emailing pirate_matt from the profile here. They are £5 each ($9.50 US) plus shipping. These have a cool die (that's one dice) icon.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Teddy-Teufel Geocoin

To be honest, I don't know much about this one. I think it deals with a region of Germany, but I could be wrong. You can get one by contacting the owner at their profile here. Sorry I don't know how much these are.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Belted Kingfisher Geocoin

Here will be a nice 1.75" coin! It is Belted Kingfisher's personal and it features a nice pair of Kingfishers on the front in 3D, and some of the necessities on the back. The coin is not ready for sale, but you can reserve one by emailing Belted Kingfisher at the profile page here. This coin will be somewhere between $6.75-$7.25.

Caching Name:
Real Name:
PayPal e-mail address:

Friday, January 19, 2007

Crake's Three Roses sneak peak:

Oooh Ahhh

GCC to release hypno geocoin

You must cache, you must cache, no really you MUST CACHE. The new Geocoin Club club takes the caching addiction to the next level with it's February coin. It was made by Chris Mackey and has a cool retro look. You can read more about it here. Also there is some kind of mystery prize with the January coins... I'm going to guess Pathtag. What ever the prize is there will be a new one with each coin from now on.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

How to log a Pathtag

The Geocoin Store has answered the calls from many "taggers" to open up the Pathtags community to the world. Now when owners of pathtags drop them in a cache it is possible to log the tags in the Pathtags website. I tested out how the guys did today with a coworker of mine to see if someone unfamiliar with the site could log a tag. He failed miserably, but I think if there is a bit more of a how-to most can get it. Here's my crack at it:

1. Log in to
2. Click on the "Trade & Community" button

3. Select the I'm a new user link (small type)

4. Provide a working email address that you can recover your password from.

5. Check the email, follow the link and enter your email and new password.

6. Once in the My Page section find the link to set your location. It is in the menu headed "Account Stuff"

7. Here, Mike and the boys have given you a cool google map that you can find your "home" location with. Enter your city and state in the box under the map. (Example: Boise, ID)

8. Using the hand tool with your mouse, find the exact location of your "Home" spot. Double click to zoom in or click the + on the map.

9. When you are satisfied with your home location hit the "Save Location" button.

10. Now you can log that tag you worked so hard for. Go to the "My Collection" link under the "Nav Stuff" heading.

11. Now you can put the approximate location that you found the tag. Use the google map like before. (If you don't enter in where you found your tag, your home coords will be automatically used) When you find the location, go ahead and enter the serial number from the back of the tag and click the "Click To Add" button.

12. And there, you go you have just logged your first tag. The good news is it will be easier next go around :)

The guys at the Geocoin Store did a great job with this considering the scope of the project. It works much better than I though it would. The addition of the google maps was outstanding! Two great additions to this site would be: A. Some type of tracking for owners of the tag to see who has logged one of their tags and where. B. A simple button or link that said "log a tag" in the My Page area.

Thanks for all the hard work Mike and Crew!!!!

Pathtag tracking is enabled

The day has come! There will be a complete how-to tonight! You can see it for yourself here.

Crake still has some of the "12 Days" sets

Anyone who missed the 12 Days of Caching 4 piece sets can still get one. Crake re minted these coins and there are still about 12 sets you can reserve these by emailing Chris:

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Australia geocoins today or tomorrow!


Coins are now for sale here

Steve over at Hogwild has announced that the Australia coins will be going on sale late tonight or first thing tomorrow. For those on the mailing list, you will be tipped off that the coins have arrived first, then the free-for-all will begin. There are two designs and each design has two metals/finishes. The pricing will be as follows:

The Round Coins: $8.50 each
The Koala Shaped Coins: $ 8.95 each.
You can purchase a set of 4 coins (1 of each design and each finish) for $34.00

Good customers of Hogwild will get an additional discount off the set.

Get coin details here. Purchase the coins here.

The Cachebug goes global!!!


Some have pointed out that the translations leave something to be desired ;) Oh well, I guess it's better than nothing :)

You can now view the cachebug in 9 languages! Just click a flag in the banner. It's sooooo cool! For convenience, the linked sites, if possible, are also are translated.

07 Train set coming around the bend

Ranger 216 is gearing up for the 2007 train set. The new set is not for sale yet. This time we are going back in time with "The General." During the Civil War The General was stolen by Northern spies led by James J. Andrews at Big Shanty (now Kennesaw), Georgia, and abandoned north of Ringgold, after being pursued by William Allen Fuller and the Texas. Low on water and wood, the General eventually lost steam pressure and speed, and slowed to a halt two miles north of Ringgold, where Andrews and his raiders abandoned the locomotive and tried to flee. Later, the General narrowly escaped destruction when General John Bell Hood ordered the ordnance depot destroyed as he left Atlanta on September 1, 1864. This set will have at least one passenger car this time around. The new set will come in the same metals as before. When sales begin, you can request the same metal and set number as you had previously.