Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fluttershy Geocoin presale

These are fun coins! Get them here.

2 colors: Pink, Teal
3 metals: Shiny silver, shiny gold LE, black nickel XLE
Coins are $8.50 each.
Shipping/handling is $2.00 for up to 3 coins.
*Inquire on Shipping cost for additional coins.

Cross Road Nomads Geocoin and Pin

This coin an pin set is for sale starting at $20.00 you can find out more here

F-14s Land at HogWild

The second round of F-14 goodness is going on here now! Price: $7.65.

Cache Hiker Thumb hits bargin Bin

The name says it all. It is a big hitch hiker thumb. For $5 you can't go wrong and a great way to round out that order :) Get it here.

Dimensions 2 inches from tip of thumb to edge Thickness 3.5mm Finish Black Nickel

Free The Cache Geocoin

One of the owners of this coin is retired special forces, so that is what inspired the coin. It looks cool. You can get it by emailing them at the GC profile here.

Size: 1.5 in.
Thickness: 3mm
Finishes: Antique Silver (200) for trades and sales and Antique Copper (50) for trades only
Trackable: on
Unique Icon: yes (I want the icon to be the front of the coin. Would someone like to offer their icon-making services in exchange for a coin?)
Coin Company: Hogwild Stuff
Price: 8.00 including s/h

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Newfoundland 2007 Geocoin

Cape Spear, Canada's most eastern point & the traditional Newfoundland flag are featured on this 42mm diameter, polished nickel or black nickel coin. Both sides are painted in imitation hard enamel, but there are two variations for the back - the polished nickel uses translucent paint for the shamrock and rose and the black nickel uses regular imitation hard enamel. $8.50 Canadian here.

1701eh Memorial Geocoin

Woa! Star Trek! This coin was produced as a tribute to Ontario cacher 1701eh who died suddenly in August 2006. Landsharkz worked closely with res2100 to come up with the design and the many versions of this coin. Groundspeak and Landsharkz have both donated toward this project and as a result 25 coins are being given to the family as a gift, and in addition Ontario cachers have already pre-ordered their own limited version of this coin at a fraction above cost. The online version is antique silver with black enamel and 38mm diameter. Landsharkz is also donating 50 cents from each coin sold online to the Canadian Cancer Society. Price: $8.25 Canadian plus shipping. Cool coin, cool cause. Get it here.

Spud502 Personal Geocoin

You can pick this spud up at landsharkz for $8.25 Canadian (A little over 7 bucks US) plus shipping. It only comes in black nickel and you can get it here.

Sleeping Dragon Geocoin

Dragons appear to be a theme lately. Here is the Sleeping Dragon from princeshoko. You can preorder it here.

Name: Sleeping Dragon
Icon: YES
Type: Silver, Gold , Antique Gold (Trade only)
Price: $9.99 (Includes shipping to US) (out side us is flat rate)
SIZE: 1.75 inches
Shipping: Late December Early January

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lizards and toads leap back in stock

The Caching Place has LizardToadz lizard and toad decypher coins back in stock. They are $9.00 each and will help you if you play the Orient Express Game. Get them here.

December Geocoin Club coin unveiled

Here it is. I'm really not sure what the symbolism is, please post if you know. There is still time to sign up to get this coin. Get it here.

The Proffens Personal Geocoin sale

Here is another one today. This one is $8 including shipping. You can get it here.

Under Cover Cacher Geocoin presale

Badges are in geocoin fashion this season! Here is another good one. Get it here. Shipping included.

Coin Stats

Size: 2", Thickness: 3mm, Metals available: Antique Gold, Silver & Two Tone Gold & Silver LE, Trackable: Yes, on, Icon: Yes, unique to the coin, Activation Codes:, Ship Date: 3-5 weeks, Price: 10.49/ea or 29.95/set

The Great Reward Geocoin on sale, again

Here is a coin that someone had, but landed in the garage at some point. There were 500 made and this sale is to clean up the remaining coins. Get it by emailing the owner at their GC profile here. Include: Caching name, Real name, Number of coins, address, Method of payment (paypal, money order, personal check), paypal ID

Price: 1-4: 6.00 PER COIN, 5-9: 5.25 PER COIN, 10+: 4.85 PER COIN

Metal: Black Nickel w/Glowing features, Size: 1.5
Trackable w/icon.

US-$1.50 for first coin – Regular Mail w/ bubble mailer
$.50 for each additional coin – Regular Mail w/ bubble mailer

Canada-$2.00 for first coin - Airmail Letter Post
$.75 for each additional coin - Airmail Letter Post

Holiday Mystery Coin at Geoswag

*Cachebug Exclusive* (Tell your friends:)

Geoswag has come out with an "Awesome" coin that they would love to show you, but it will be a surprise to those who buy it. Wow, I can't think of anyone who can pass this up especially since it's only $5! Get it here. It looks like it is in two mysterious metals. (g=gold, n=nickel???)

Coin Size At Least 1.5" x 2.5mm
Trackable: Yes
Icon: Yes

Coins start shipping today. We will post a picture on the normal site
in about 5 days. But at that point the coin will be at normal price.

IF you really don't like the Geocoin, 100% money back guarantee!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Rockin Roddy now in black nickel

Rockin Roddy's Cachestalkers now available in Black Nickel and the headlights glow! Great looking coin! You can get it here.

Geoswag Coin & Pin Club coin delivers

OakCoins did a cool new finish on their new club coin. The front features antique nickel and the back is antique brass. I'm sure there will be a bunch of new coins that use this cool new technique. It is a very well finished and hefty coin. Nice job OakCoins!

Cache is King coins came today

I have to say these are amazing coins. If you don't have it ordered, you better get one here. These are HUGE! It's my favorite Mackey geocoin... and there are a lot of good Chris Mackey coins! The size and shape reminds me of the little troy oz. silver bars.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Orient Express Geocoin/Game

To be honest, I am trying to figure this thing out too. It is a geocoin linked to a game found here.

It sounds pretty outstanding. The one thing I don't understand is that you pay $18 for the geocoin, and you don't seem to need it for the game... You do need a lizard cyper coin though, but you can make one here. According to the site the proceedes of the coin go to pay for game development.

The C&P sale is going on NOW

Go here now to get the Magic 8 Ball coin (now in a cool green) some dragon coins, and of course the military coins. GO HERE!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Suncachers & 12 days geocoins in stock

Many have been waiting for Crake to get more warm Suncatchers in. They are here but according to Chris there aren't many left ($7.90 plus ship). Also The 12 Days of Caching coins are available to purchase in the store for $30 bucks plus ship per set. Get these and more here.

HOT sale at C&P Sunday

I should keep this info for myself, but C&P is going to have a BIG sale Sunday evening. According to the report, these are the coins that will be on the block:

Magic Geocoin - Blue, Magic Geocoin - Green, Air Force Geocoin, Army Geocoin, Navy Geocoin, Marine Geocoin, Coast Guard geocoin, Dragon Prayer Geocoin Geocachingdragon coin

These coins will be posted through this link on Sunday, 26 November, between 8:00pm and 9:00pm Eastern, 5:00pm-6:00pm Pacific.

I hope Santa brings you some money for rent and the car payment :)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Tommy Trojan hikes price

This coin has interested me since it first posted on the GC coin forum. Initially it was $13 bucks which included shipping. Everyone agreed that it was a nice coin, but most of the people who posted seemed to feel that the price was inflated. The website now has a Christmas pitch and the coin is $15 here. FYI: The icon on this coin appears to be missing.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

2006 Canadian Benchmark Microcoins

It looks like Canada is getting into the micro benchmark business. If you are into benchmarks these look great! They will be sold in packs of 5. Each pack will contain 4 Antique Bronze coins and one LE Satin Gold coin for $25.00 Canadian ($21.93 US.)
The top of the coin is beveled with a thickness in the middle of 3.5mm tapering to 3mm at the edge. Get them here.

Size: 22mm, thickness: 3.5mm (just smaller than a quarter)

A total of 500 coins were produced in the following quantities:

* LE Satin Gold - 95
* Antique Bronze - 385
* Antique Copper - 20 (Trades only)

Pink ribbons for a good cause

You can still get the Cachers For The Cure ribbons. They are just beautiful and have the cool feature an area to add 22 characters of your gc nic, name of a loved one, etc. All profits will be donated to the The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Greater Atlanta Affiliate. These are $8 s/h included! For more info go here.

You can order by sending your request to:

Remember to add: #of coins, Geo nic, Your name, the 24 character personalization for each coin (includes spaces), and the e-mail address to send Paypal invoice to.

Pay It Forward Geocoin

Pay_It_Forward has released a great coin for those in the geocaching world who deserve them. None of these will be sold, but you can nominate worthy individuals by emailing them at

A few will be gifted to Charity Events, for raffles, silent auctions etc.

It's always a welcome surprise when someone shocks you with their generosity!

Size: 1.5”
Thickness: 3mm
Metal: Raised Polished Nickel, and Recessed Sandblasted Nickel

"Highly Addictive Geocoin" for sale

I don't plan to cover to many of the European coins, but it's a slow Thanksgiving day. Here is the "Highly Addictive Geocoin," It's funny that most of these are in English. I like the shape and you can get it here. Prices do not include shipping.

Maybe Crake could modify his 12 days of caching to be a 12 steps to recovery geocoin :)

- 2 inches length, 3.5 mm thickness
- Nickel (limited to 175 coins): 6,50 € (app 8.35 USD)
- Black Nickel (limited to 175 coins): 6,50 € (app 8.35 USD)
- Antique Silver (limited to 50 coins): 7,00 € (app. 9.00 USD)
- Antique Gold (limited to 50 coins): 7,00 € (app. 9.00 USD)
- Foggy Gold (limited to 50 coins) 7,00 € (app. 9.00 USD)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bitten yet again by Whitebear

I worked it out and Landsharkz price ends up being $7.70 US and the best price :) There is somthing about getting the coin from it's owner though...

Landsharkz are sold out on black nickel glow... Try Whitebear...

It has been pointed out that the Bitten By Whitebear coins are at Landsharkz. Earlier I ran a post that you could reserve them from Whitebear at his GC profile here. I noticed that at Landsharkz they are $9 and through Whitebear they were $8. Landsharkz lists their prices in Canadian dollars so I'm not sure who has a better deal. You can purchase them from Landsharkz here.

United We Cache 2006 Geocoin

This is the second batch of these geocoins. A new Black Nickel LE has been added. You can order here. This could be the only time Idaho has ever been a blue state :)

Size: 2"
Thickness: 3mm
2 D art front and back
Metals available: Shiny Gold, Silver & Black Nickel LE
Trackable w/icon
Size: 2" X 3mm
Price: $9.95/ea or $29.95/set worldwide shipping included.

Military geocoins at C&P


These are SOLD OUT

They are here! Get them while you can. $8.95 each.

Team Sand Dollar geocoins still around!

I know I told people about the preorder before, but I just wanted to show how nice these are looking and tell people that you can still place a preorder. I can tell these will be great coins. Metals: Misty silver, Misty gold, shiny black. To order email through the GC site here. 100 of each metal will be produced. $8 plus shipping. Shipping US/Canada $1.50 first coin, $0.50 each additional coin.

Once you email Team Sand dollar go here to make sure you made the list.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mackey Christmas geocoin for sale

Cool! I have been waiting for this one... looks wonderful Chris! $7.50, 3 colors to pick from, 1.65"tall x 3.5mm, shiny silver/gold.

Get a Geodiamond geocoin

This is a unique coin with the rhinestones. You can get one here.

o Size: 1 1/2”
o Antique Gold Finish
o Minted by
o Trackable on with it's own icon

$7.14 (plus .93 shipping per coin)

Chili Pepper geocoin for preorder

This is a spicy little personal! If you like it you may be able to work a deal via their GC profile here.

The coin will be: 1.5" X 3mm
It will be trackable with an Icon.
Cost: $8.50 - $9.00
Minting 250

Arrowhead Geocoin Set presale

Here is a set of two geocoins that is sure to make some people happy this Christmas. These have a very cool shape! You can order here.

Coins are $18 per set + 2.50 shipping
Gold LE Edition $ 22.50 + 2.50 shipping

1.75” Diameter
Custom Arrowhead Shape
3.5mm Thickness
2D Both Sides
Glow in the dark features on front of coins
Hole Cut-out at top of the coin Tracking number
Raised Blank Metal Area on the rear for
Engraving the coin and making it your own personal geocoin.

Metals available:
Silver, Nickel, Black Nickel, Copper, *Gold “LE” - Includes Engraving up to 10 Characters.* Maximum of 50 Sets Minted. Cut off date for engraved orders is 11/30/06.

Estimated Shipping date will be 12/30/06

Reserve an 07 Dorkfish geocoin

Here in Boise I see Dorkfish's name all over caches, including some of my own. She has a cool little magnet he leaves sometimes! Here is the 07 version of the geocoin. I personaly really like it, but I love aquariums. Can you believe how many colors are here? You can reserve one by contacting the Dorkfish on her profile here. Please include geonic, real name, country method of payment, paypal address, quantity.

Size: 41.75mm tall x 51mm wide
thickness: 3.5mm
metal: black nickel
I will also be producing a small amount of LE coins, half of these coins will be mixed in with the black nickel coins & randomly included with orders of 2 or more coins.
price: $7.75
shipping: $1.50 in USA, $2.00 in Canada, & $2.50 elsewhere, 50 cents for each additional coin.
trackable on with icon shaped like a seahorse
expected arrival date: January

ChiP's, Mexico geocoins at HogWild

Hogwild has a new supply of the popular ChiPs coins. Also they have a new Mexico coin that looks pretty good.

ChiPs coin:

Thickness: 3 mm (a short 3 in my opinion)
Price: $8.30

Mexico Coin:

Size: 1.75 inch
Thickness: 3.5 mm
Satin Silver: 50 Randomly distributed and to 9key
Antique Copper: 351 - This listing
Satin Gold: 351
Price: $8.65

Monday, November 20, 2006

November Signal coin for sale

Here is Signal... holding on to a speeding Volkswagen... kids don't do this. It is the Germany coin and once again Signal is being funny. You can get it here.

Pathtag site upgrade

Some updates have been added to the Pathtags site:

*Quoted from email*


* NEW STAY LOGGED IN! Yeah, I finally fixed the issue with persistent logins - but I'll call it a new feature ;) This is especially nice since the updated emails link better to your mypage and trades listing.
* NEW Gallery now indicates which tags you have open trades for
* NEW Gallery now indicates which tags you currently have in your collection
* NEW When you go to view a tag from the gallery, you can click a link to go back to the last gallery page you viewed.
* Updated: Emails for trades have been made more verbose with better links to info in the system. Not sure I hit them all - if you see vague emails (they bug me too) drop me a note.

Expect more after Thanksgiving.

Reserve a Triple Dragon geocoin

I sure like the double so the triple will likely be great too. You can reserve it by sending an email through the GC website here.

Hong Kong geocoin for sale

This took some time but the Hong Kong geocoins is finally ready to be sold. You can get it here. I have to say the two tones are definitely the best.

Diameter: 2"
Thickness: 4mm (WOW!)
Two-tones (FRONT: Nickel Junkboat, Gold background; BACK: Nickel mountains/land/text, Gold water)
Antique Copper
Black Nickel
Matte Silver (This coin will only be sold in a set)
Other features:
Trackable on
Custom prefix tracking code (DWXXXX)
Custom icon

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Balmorhea State Park non-trackable

This is the forth and final coin of the seasonal Texas series. Only 200 make, individually numbered, but not trackable. 2" in diameter and designed by MMachV of Dallas. I wish this was trackable, but still a great coin. Preorder here. Shipping in December. $7.00

Geoswag xbox

The rumors are true. Geoswag has preselcted an order number, which will hit this week, and with the order will ship a big fat xbox360! I guess there are two strategies you can use. Luck or order early and often ;)

Maverick Missle geocoin for sale

Here is a nice geocoin from an Idaho guy. I like the little missile icon! These are $13 bucks with shipping included. Email through the GC profile for sales here. (Yes "missile" appears to be spelled wrong)

Alaska Christmas geornament

This is pretty cool. The Alaska geocoin makers are taking the wolf front of their current geocoin and adding a cool moose with Christmas lights to the back and it is still trackable with the Alaska flag icon. These are make in Alaska and solid nickel too! (Not China like most) It comes in a ring AirTite with a loop (that's what makes it an ornament!) I think this is actually better than the original coin! You can get these here for $9.50 including shipping.

The Wingnuts geocoin is here

The3dafaus have pointed out a new coin that was made for the Wingnuts! It is beautiful, and any good motorcycle nut is going to need one! This is a presale so if you want one you email them here:

They are $11.50 (s/h incl!) for silver & $13.50 (s/h incl!) for LE

Friday, November 17, 2006

Benchmark Micro geocoins

You can get 2 micro benchmark geocoins at Geoswag for $9.97. There are several versions to chose from. You can get them here.

Geochums geocoin

Here is another geocoin. It is a two piece. 300 of these coins have been minted:
150 in silver metal, 150 in gold metal. Price: $12.00 per coin Cash, check or money order only :(. This is one of the new magnet coins that everyone has been talking about. Expect many more of these. You can get it here.

Crop Circle V2 geocoin sale begins

What a fun coin. Here are the stats:
* Size 1.625"(42mm) x 3.5mm thick.
* Finish - Nickel
* Coloring - Hard enamel both sides.
* Graphics - 2D both sides.
* Quantity Minted - 350.
* Trackable w/unique icon.
* Estimated ship date - early December.
* Limit - 5 coins per person/group.
(Unless given prior approval.)
* Cost - $7.50 each.
* U.S. Shipping - $1.50 s/h for 1st coin. $0.50 for each additional coin.
* Worldwide Shipping - $2.50 s/h for 1st coin. $0.50 for each additional coin.

You can get them here.

Loved this cache geocoin

Boy, this is a unique coin. For $5 bucks I doubt to many will complain, but I wonder if anyone should tell Mike that "XXX" and lips have some wild connotations :D

Just teasing you Mike, thank you for the bargain bin and keep them coming! You can get these in 5 (no joke) colors here.

What some folks will do to a cache!