Sunday, December 31, 2006

100 taggers take the plunge

There are officially 100 members in the Pathtag community now. But what the tags actually look like has been somewhat of a mystery to non-members who only had access to the new designs, top rated tags, and most talked about tags. You can now go here to view all the existing tags there are 70 of them with the next 30 or so to be added as art is completed.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

End of year sale at Geoswag!

Go here to get some good deals on pins and geocoins!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Geocoin Club January coin near production

According to Mike over at the Geocoin Store the engineering behind this coin was pretty complex. With the work involved, the holiday season and the earth quake in Asia this one may be late, but I think people may be willing to wait for this interesting coin. Here is a near final look at the coin art. You can see more here.

Sarnia ~ Lambton Geocoin

This geocoin celebrates geocaching in a region of Ontario Canada called Sarnia ~ Lambton. This coin is trackable with icon and available here. It comes in polished nickel and is 2" X 3.5mm. This coin is $8.75 Canadian ($7.49 US) plus shipping.

Chris Mackey will be Tempting The Fates soon!

Chris Mackey's sinister Tempting The Fates geocoin will be released very soon. The Geocoin Store has an estimated shipping date of Jan. 20. This geocoin is defiantly a direction that not many have tried! Like Caching Critters, this coin holds a secret and two messages of warning that may get someone a late Christmas present if you figure it out and email Chris at: I don't know if you should look it over too closely though, it may impregnate you with Rosemary's baby :0

Crake has been busy!

We knew that the Three Roses were in production. These are the three coins that will have the magnet that were covered a few weeks ago (search the blog for Three Roses, in the upper left hand corner). But Crake has been holding back a little. Along with the release of the Three Roses will come the Navstar 2.0. I guess like George Lucas, Crake likes to go back to his masterpieces and tweak them. The front of this coin has significant changes, but the back is basically the same. See the new coin below. I think it looks very cool. Crake is experimenting on the stars in the back ground. They will be in shiny silver and raised out of the enamel. Probably the biggest news is that Chris has completed the initial drawings of the Sun Catcher 2007. Once satisfied with the art he will give us a sneak peak. The last coin he is working on is another similar to the popular Bluebells coin. It is a Wildflowers coin and I can't wait to see all of these!!!! Thanks for the info Crake!

Rock Paper Scissors Geocoin Set for sale

The maker of the Crake-like "Aztec Calendar Geocoin" has a set available now. It is the "Rock Paper Scissors Geocion 3 Coin Set." It probably won't blow your socks off, but you can find it here. According to the seller there were 100 sets made. It is so far going for $39.99 with $6.99 shipping with 0 bids. This seller is very mysterious. They will not give you their nic, but they do have 100% positive feedback. The geocoins from this retailer are not what I would describe as outstanding, but, according to the seller, they are minted in low quantities. Ebay buyers are really bidding them up, so what do I know :)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Landsharkz corners the Star Trek coin market

Landsharkz is rolling out the Star Trek coins! One is to remember an Ontario cacher 1701eh who died suddenly last August. If you have been watching this coin you better get it quick because it is about to sell out (get it here). The latest coin to beam out of Landsharkz is a Klingon personal. It is non trackable, but very well done (If you like that sort of thing :) I was amazed at it's cool shape. To get one of these you have to trade with kitkatt1960. Here is the link to their account... but according to the message, you will be a lucky few if you get a response. Wasn't Shatner Canadian??? (Find out here)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

January looks good for Hogwild

January looks exciting for Hogwild! The Australia coins look great! My personal favorite is the Koala Shaped geocoin. This looks very cool! It will come in 3 metals. 2 of them (Gold and antique copper) will be available to buy. The Satin Silver will be available in three ways: Mixed in random orders; If you had a coin made by Hogwild in the last 12 months you will get one; and if you trade with Steve. The round Koala coin looks cool too and is available in antique copper and nickel. The Volcanoes National Park coin is a must-have for me because I'm a big fan of the park. It is where I saw my first and only lava flow. This coin will come in satin silver and satin gold.

It seems that February will be huge for Hogwild too! To see all the details about the upcoming coins go here.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Geocoin Club teases to new January coin

If done well, this will be an amazing coin! According to the Geocoin Club, it will have the ability to determine distance. If it is anything like the rough draft pictures it will be something brand new to geocoins. I can't imagine how they will pull off the slim lines, but it will be very interesting! You can check it out here.

January Geoswag C&P Club announced

Geoswag has just posted the new January coin. It is a Winter FTF coin. It will be hard to top last months treasure chest of swag, but as always I like to see them try :) You can check it out here.

Satellite Series 4 gets a makeover

The popular Satellite Series took a nose dive about 2 months ago when the final edition #4 was released. It was a Zinc coin and many of the coins broke in shipping. A large customer backlash followed, but to CH Quality's credit they came back with a reportedly much better product and replaced all of the broken coins. You can buy the new weightier version here. Price $8.99 and it has a moving satellite!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Nutlady PG prefix: Rare XLE misprint

Everyone loves the Nutlady's coins but now it appears that the lucky few that received the PG coins may have a rare collectible. In a strange combination of events, starting with the mint laser etching the wrong prefix on the first batch of coins and mixing them into the correct ones, and an unaware Nutlady placing them in some of the initial sale shipments, these coins appear to be rare. According to the Nutlady she only placed them in the first shipments and held on to the rest when she discovered the problem. She says that she only has 20 or so now. The very best part is groundspeak agreed to fix the coins that were brought to their attention. So what we have is a cool rare misprint so, if you have one you may consider holding on to it for a while :) To get a little prize and fix your PG coin's tracking number contact

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Coins & Pins are back

Apparently they didn't renew their domain name... but they were lucky enough to get it back and their products are again available here.

Merry Christmas from the cachebug!

Merry Christmas to all! Thank you to all of the readers for making this blog so fun! You all have been so kind and helpful with your comments! Great things are in store for the future!


Friday, December 22, 2006

South Pointing Chariot Geocoin

This is a much talked about spinning geocoin from Taiwan. It features the South Pointing Chariot. This mechanism was supposedly invented sometime around 2600BC in China by the Yellow Emperor Huang Di, the Chariot is widely regarded as the most complex geared mechanism of the ancient Chinese civilization. This coin will not be as historically significant as it's subject:D but it will come in 3 finishes: Gold plated coin - $15, Nickel plated coin - $14.50, Gold and Nickel set - $27.50. This coin comes from Taiwan so shipping is $3.50 for the first and $1.00 for any additional coins. These coins look very cool but know that they are made out of Zinc so they will be significantly lighter weight and more fragile than a harder metal based coin. You can reserve these by emailing:

SW Michigan Chili Cook-Off 2006 geocoin

What a great event geocoin. You Michigan guys really know geocoins! This one is presented by the Sunshine Gang. Only 120 silver coins were produced and are for sale to benefit the event. They are $9 plus $1 shipping here.

A pair of Sand Dollars

I received my pair of sand dollars today and what great geocoins they are!!! These are still available and if you haven't ordered some you you may be missing out. You can still get the gold and silver ones here. My personal favorite is the silver. Great job Team Sand Dollar!

DorkSeahorse sightings

A picture of these made it to a trading site and I asked Dorkfish what the story was with these. These were minted in a small 100 piece batch. She is going to use these as sig items in caches she really likes. That is great for me because I live in Boise :) By the way, Dorkfish you really should visit Secret Shortcut. ;) The best part of this sig item is it's going to change periodically to a different "shape." I predict she will do each fish in her upcoming aquarium coin. The short side is these are not for sale, but you may be lucky and find one in a cache someday :)

Germany 2007 Series 1 Geocoin

For 10.66 USD plus shipping you can get this cool Germany geocoin. These are actually made in Germany and have a cool German Eagle icon. For more information go here.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Odd Crake-like coins popping up on Ebay

It appears that these coins are coming out of Texas too. Very odd. The strangest geocoin is the one pictured. It is an almost identical version of Crakes Tracking Time, but in an odd variety of colors. You can see all the listings here. They are selling for a LOT! I suggest that buyer beware on these.

Geochums geocoins come packing magnets

Here is the first of the many magnet coins to come. This coin breaks into to parts. Both sides are trackable and can be sent on seperate missions. Price: $12.00 per coin (Cash, check, or money orders only no paypal) The price for shipping and handling will be sent to you upon receipt of your order. These will be trackable and have an icon. These come in silver and gold.

To order coins, send an e-mail to SerenityNow at:

December Signal geocoin for sale

This time the frog is in Canada skiing. This coin looks pretty cool. I really like the back. It is 1.75" x 3.5mm in antique silver. The price is $7.50 plus shipping here.

Spinning Santa at Geoswag

There is a unique Santa Clause geocoin at Geoswag. He has a spinning dial that allows you to show Santa what you want for Christmas, and it's only $6.47 plus shipping. He is trackable with icon here.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You can still reserve a Dorkfish geocoin

The samples of these look outstanding. This is probably one of the nicest aquarium coins around :) The cutoff was Dec. 1 but it has been extended for a while. Contact her through her profile here. Price $7.75 each (no limit)
shipping: $1.50 on first coin, .50 on second.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Team Sand Dollar coins for sale


These are now avalible here.

For those who missed the reservation process you can still get a gold or silver coin. They are $8.00 plus shipping. You can get them from their profile here. Be sure and add all the important info like paypal addy and geo nic.

Pathtag starter kits half price

Now you can get started with Pathtags for half the price... $50 gets you a die 25 tags, and some other stuff. People in the community have done a beautiful job with their tags. I am very impressed with the great designs. The actual web interface has progressed too. There is now an impressive trading system, but some are still waiting to see how the unique number you are given will be used to log your tag. Pathtags are not trackable, but it seems people who are not owners will eventually be able to get on the site and at least comment on your tag. I am looking forward to this because now if you put them in a cache they are basically just little ads for people to buy Pathtags not track a personal item (Which is what they say they can do on the back). My belief is that The Geocoin Store has a great product in Pathtags. The current marketing plan is genius, but unless they become more accessible to people outside the community, they may go by way of the Pog. You can see and buy pathtags here.

Right now in Pathtag world you will be surprised how well the trading system works... If you are not paying attention you will go through all of your tags quick! Now if the refill would go down in price... :)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

MGA/AGM Event coin still for sale

The 3 Geeks have this nice geocoin that was released at the MGA AGM event on September 30th in Wallace Nova Scotia (GCVF8X). You can get it here. These are $8.50 Canadian ($7.28 US) plus shipping. These are trackable with icon.

Now you can vote on the cachebug!

I thought it would be interesting to see some voting on the cachebug. In the right hand column there is a shiny new vote box called the geovoice. Have your geovoice heard by placing your votes on the various topics that will change periodically. The first question up for public ballot is which geocoin club is your personal favorite. They are all pretty great, who can complain about getting a new geocoin each month or so, but it may be fun to see which is most popular with cachebug readers. By the way, no, vote early and often does not apply here :)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Holiday Mystery Coin "C" at Geoswag

You can now get the "C" version of the popular Mystery Holiday geocoin at Geoswag. They are 4.97 here. Hmmmm what could "C" mean ;)

Tour de Cache Geocoin


The $9.00 includes shipping to the US

This geocoin is dedicated to the Tour de Cache - NJ County Challenge and it is trackable on with its own icon. This coin was done by Oakcoins and is 1.5". There is an antique silver regular edition of 200 coins and a antique gold LE of 50 coins. You can buy them here for $9.00 plus shipping.

Sleeping Dragon still available

For those dragon fans out there here is a nice coin from PrinceShoko. You can still preorder it up here for $8.99 plus shipping. It is trackable with a cool dragon icon.

Friday, December 15, 2006

kingfisherteam Personal geocoin presale

This is a very cool design from who knows where... They say you can preorder it though and it comes in antique silver, gold and copper as well as black nickel. It costs about 7 Euro which is about ($8.50). You can get this coin here. This coin is trackable with it's own icon.

"Ocean" Geocoin presale

Here is a new coin from a new store. It was minted at Landsharkz and features sea anemone finding a cache. They are available in antique bronze or antique silver and cost $9.50 Canadian ($8.18) US. You can preorder these here. They are expected to ship out around the 20th

Northbound Signature Geocoin for sale

This is a nice simple personal geocoin.

* Antique Gold
* trackable with Icon
* 38mm Diameter

You can get these here. They Cost $9.50 Canadian ($8.13 US)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

December Coins and Pin Club

I just received this coin and I am floored! I don't know how they do it, but Oakcoins comes up with a new coin process for EVERY month! This coin has glitter in the enamel and it looks outstanding!!! Plus it came with some unexpected swag too! Christian, you guys are doing a great job on this club! If you are not in the club you can sign up here. This one is going on the tree :)

Idaho Micro Geocoin presale

Here is your chance to get Idaho's first trackable. It's the Idaho Micro Geocoin. This is a 1” micro coin. It will have an Antique Silver finish. There will be a total of 1000 coins made. they are $5.80 each including shipping. You can get them here. I think it is one of the nicest micos I have seen!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Norwegian 2007 geocoin

This very unique geocoin is for sale here on a Norwegian geocaching website. The coin is about $16.50 and I'm not sure if that includes shipping or not. It also isn't clear if it has an icon. There were 300 minted so it probably does. I think it has a cool shape!

Dragonflies buzz into Hogwild

The coin is 1.75 inches on its longest side and 3mm thick. They are trackable with a unique icon. They come in Nickel or Satin Gold for $8.65 plus shipping, or as a set with a pin for $17.00. You can pick these up here.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

GeocacheOhio & Dartmoor Geocoins


The Dartmoor coin is another addition to the Bargin Bin here.

The Geocoin Store will have two new coins tomorrow. One is the GeocacheOhio coin. The large coin features the waterways of the two historic canal systems. The coin will be 2" tall and 4mm thick (That's very thick). The thickness is to provide plenty of room to show the state's topography. It's trackable with icon and will cost $9.50 plus shipping. The other coin is somewhat of a mystery it features Dartmoor National Park in England... I guess we will all see it tomorrow. You can find both of these coins here, sometime tomorrow.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Muggles, and Pills on the block

The Caching Place have put the Muggles and Rx prescription cache drugs for sale. The Muggles coin is black nickel with glow, very nice. Muggles are $8.50 Plus shipping and come with a pin. The Rx are about $22 for a set of three and shipping. There is a $2.00 handling charge per order. Get them here.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Geocaching Squad hits Geoswag

*Cachebug Exclusive*

Geoswag has just announced the Geocaching Squad Magellan Armed Geocoin. You can purchase it here. There is the standard edition Antique Silver coin for $9.47 and the set with Antique Gold and Silver for $18.98. A silver pin is also available for $1.97. The pin is pictured. These are just like the Garmin Armed geocoins that were released previously by CXDX, but Magellan. These should go fast.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bronze Geotikis, let's see how long they last!

These are non-trackables, but even would have to agree these are cool! They are hand made on Hawaii! If you haven't been to their website yet you really should. It is an experience in its self. These became available today, and who knows for how long (There were only 200 made). I have debated getting one and after reading how they are hand made, I really have to. (I have a place in my heart for tikis and Hawaii :) If only ALL coins were made like this... :(

Sequoia Nationa Monument XLE

There are 11 of these left here. $8.50 plus $1.50 shipping

Geodetic Center, Inital Point, & Dark Star

All three of these coins have popped up for sale here. The Initial Point coin is a giant 3"! Available in Antique Brass, Antique Copper, Antique Nickel, and Copper. These are $10 and $2 shipping. The Geodetic Center is another nice benchmark coin and is $9 and $1 shipping. The Dark Star is an XLE version of Castle Man's Red Star. Only 50 were made. They are $10 each with $1.50 shipping.

Friday, December 08, 2006

South Carolina Coin & Mini presale

Great looking state coins. Trackable and available here. large coins available in antique copper soft enamel $7.50, polished gold soft enamel $7.50, and satin silver imitation hard enamel $8.00. The micros are in various metals and available in 5 packs (1 each) $25.95 and 10 packs (2 each) $41.95.