Friday, November 10, 2006

Whitebear Geocoin at Landsharkz

Here is a unique coin from a GC forums regular. There was an annoying rollover on the website so I could only get the back, but the front has a very angry bear that apparently bit the coin. The bear looks like that half polar/half grizzly that was in the news not long ago :) You might be able to reserve one from White Bear here.

Here's what Landsharkz says about it:

Bitten by Whitebear

500 minted (various finishes including the coolest ever glow in the dark!)
Trackable with WB prefix and icon Coming up... mid November 2006
1 1/2" diameter, 3mm thick, $8.00 + shipping W/WB prefix.
Will be available from AND directly from Whitebear. You can see it for your self here.

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