Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tatanka Pejula Geocoin

New coin thank goodness, get my mind off my dumb missing cache. Tsunrisebey has a sweet nnew buffalo coin ready to reserve. Tatanka Pejula means buffalo medicine in Lakota (Sioux) The white buffalo to these people was the most sacred animal. The back of the geocoin says; le mita cola which means: My Friend. This coin is a token for a sacred friend.

Coin Specs:

Reservations for this coin started on 7/28/07
1.5", 3mm, translucents and white imitation enamel
300 geocoin starter mintage=unlimited amount, done over time, and I reserve the right to change out colors and metals.
100 gold
150 antique copper
50 Black Nickel (all reserved)

Prices and Shipping:
Reserve the coin by mailing
$3.95 each coin
US shipping= $2.00 first coin + .50 each additional coin
International shipping= $3.00 first coin + .50 each additional coin


Tatanka Pejula Geocoin
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