Sunday, August 26, 2007

Geocache muggled by the Bomb Squad

*Update* An astute area geocacher has found that this is just some lamo's way of stealing a geocache full of geocoins.... No bomb squad just a scumbag. Crazy hoax for a box of coins... hope it makes them happy.

This is very shocking to me but I had a geocoin cache on my property and I guess someone reported it as a suspicious container and the bomb squad came out. I am especially sad for the good folks who had their coins in it. It forces me to ask the question if the "terror" minded public and geocaching can co-exist. Here was the message folks with coins in the cache received:

Log Date: 8/25/2007
Unfortunately, this travel bug was placed in a geocache on private property without the property owners consent. Furthermore it was chained to a telephone pole. The cache consisted of a military ammo can with only military markings on the outside. Thus it was reported to law enforcement as a suspicious package and after examination removed by the Bomb Squad and the contents disposed of. Please follow the rules and guidelines as set forth on Please see

The kicker is that it was on my property, front yard in fact. Boy, wait until the find all the ones in the park...

-free man for now ---- cachegame

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