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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Two Cache Geocoin

I love the Geoswag dollar geocoins and this is a nice addition to the series. The 2 dollar geocoin comes in bronze($8.27), copper and silver. To get the copper you need to buy the two coins set ($17.97) and to get the silver you need the three coin set ($30.77). Only 120 Antique silver and 220 Antique copper made. You will find these here.

NOT TAKE OUT - Geocoin 10 Grab

HogWild has a cool thing right now for those willing to take a chance. It's a ten coin mystery grab. Find this here for $51.00.

Coins to expect are:

- A 2007 Geocoinfest winners poker coin (not trackable)
- One Delorme Challenge Coin
- One Trackable coin that is not a Hogwild Stuff Coin
- One non-trackable Hogwild Stuff coin.
- All coins will be different - There will be a few boxes with one set of two finishes of the same coin, but only one of these.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

GC10000 Geocoins

In celebration of the first 7 digit waypoint, New Beginning has created these three fine geocoins. They are in a whole bunch of metals too which were minted in different
quantities. If you hurry you can get one of each, but some were at very
small numbers, so you better hurry. Prices for these range from $8-$12
for the LE versions. You can buy these from the website here.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Celebrating Independence Geocoins

CH Quality coins has some new ones for the 4th. These are nice big 1.75" x 3 coins. You can buy the LE Gold here for $8.75 plus shipping and the nickel version here for $8.25 plus shipping.

New Mexico State Geocoin 2007

Here is a nice state coin for New Mexico. It is 2" X 5/8 inches thick. These will ship on or around 6/20. Price: $9.00 with $2 shipping on the first coin, .50 after that here.

Spiral Dragon Micro Geocoin

This is the first coin in a five micro geocoin set. This sail gets you one nickel and one gold coin (both the same edition). The coins are $12.00 + Shipping: $ 3.00 / 1.00 (each add'l item) You can preorder these here.

Good Luck Ox Geocoin

This presale is for a 3 coin and 1 pin set of these Asian looking coins. SoCal made these. $ 18.00 + Shipping: $ 2.00 / 1.00 (each add'l item) Get them here.

Monday, May 28, 2007

C&P Sale

For those of you not tapped out from GW5 there will be a mess of coins for sale tomorrow at C&P.

The following geocoins will be available on Tuesday 29 May at 3:00pm EST, 12:00pm PST

WSgaskins personal geocoin - This anticipated coin features a real Swarovski crystal (Pictured)
Kennel Club geocoin
Neoncacher geocoin
Elemental Jay geocoin
Biggcall Peace Dollar geocoin

Check these out here.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mint To Travel geocoins & GeoTags

Jake over at Coinswag has some new stock including these Mint To Travel geocoins. They are similar to Geoswags generic geocoins and come in a bunch of different metals. These are sold as a 5 pack ($27.50) or individually ($5.75) plus shipping. You can check these out here. Coinswag has also taken over the popular GeoTags project from Mike Atwell. For those who don't know about these, GeoTags are similar to the Geocoin Store's Pathtag project. Micro one-sided customizable coins, but GeoTags have real groundspeak tracking numbers... this is more expensive than pathtags, but more geocoin like. You can check out GeoTags here.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

True Texas Cowboy Geocoin

This geocoin was brought to my attention by Semik a geocacher in Texas who's brother-in-laws life was cut short by a drunk driver. I can't tell the story nearly as well as she did in the email so I will put it in quotes.

"My brother-in-law's life was cut short by a drunk driver on I-35 in New Braunfels, TX on August 2, 2006. His interests were truly Texan in that he was a contractor who took on projects such as building barns and custom western themed construction projects, he had his own head of Longhorn cattle, was a foreman of a 5000 acre ranch, loved the Texas hill country and wildflowers, but he was also brilliant and could solve crossword and logic puzzles without ever setting a pen to paper. His small town funeral was a scene with hundreds of people showing up to show their respects for a man who had helped them when they were stranded on the road or built their cabin or served as their hunting guide. He rarely stayed in one place for long and that is why we created this coin: the True Texas Cowboy on the range, roaming from place to place encountering puzzles, magnificent views, historical places and adventure."

There are about 60 of these coins left and you can buy them for $10 each from Semik AKA Audra at: al_allen327@yahoo.com. My condolences for your loss, and thank you for the wonderful description.

Creacher 2007 Trackable Geocoin

Here is a cool one from Landsharkz. This is a personal for Creacher a geocacher from North Carolina. You can get it from GW5 or here. Price: $8.50 CAD (About 7.50 USD) plus shipping.

The DaVinci Challenge Set

I remember these coins being discussed in the forums some time ago but it is a big surprise to see them here. Nice treat for a Thursday! Each is trackable and features I think will go with one of the cachingplace's famous geocaching challenges. You get all three coins for $23.00 plus ship/handling. NICE! These may not last long.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Whale Trail Geocoin

Here is the latest from the Cachingplace. It's a cool one featuring the Hawaii honu turtle and shaped like a whales tail. There is an interesting description about the coin and how the whale is the "Record Keeper." Not sure I understand, but I love the coin it looks cool. You can buy it here starting today for $7.50.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Silly Boys Geocoin

Silly Boys....Caching's for Girls! That's what's on the front of this nice, but a little girlie ammo box geocoin. This one comes in pink and purple of course.

Coin Stats:
imitation hard enamel
both pink and purple camo done in black nickel
100 pink and 150 purple were minted both trackable w/icon
Price $8.50ea.
Shipping $2.00 for the first coin, $.50 for each additional coin. Canada and intl need to contact for shipping costs.

To buy email buddyluv4 through the gc.com site here.
Geo Nickname
Paypal e-mail address
Mailing address
Color(s) and Qty.

Geowoodstock Tie Dye Shirt

Hog Wild will have some tie die coins of their own at Geowoodstock5. The fronts are all the same, the backs come in a choice of Red, lime green, Blue and Pink. There are also Hogwild tie die t-shirts to go with.

The blue, red & pink coins will sell for $8.00 each

Only 50 lime green backed black nickel imitation hard enamel coins are being made, 44 of which will be sold. They will only be sold as a package with a Hogwild Stuff Tie Dye T-shirt for a price of $20.00.

I have a feeling that these will be avalible in the Hog Wild store here after GW5.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Groovy Cachin' Dude! & Euro Cache Geocoin

Geoswag has come out of the gate for Geowoodstock with more cool coins:

Groovy Cachin' Dude!
Euro Cache Geocoin

The Groovy Cachin' Dud! was designed by Gridlox. This coin will have a matching t-shirt available on Geoswag later this summer. This is a "mixed color" geocoin. A first to be done! So you will want to check this out here.
The coin is : 1.75" (45mm) x 3.5mm thick.
Price: $7.47

The Euro Cache Geocoin (A geocoin made to look like a Euro) comes in 3 different versions, Antique Bronze, Antique Copper and Antique Silver.

Each coin is 2" x 1" with a 3D relief that looks very Euro-like. You can either purchase each coin separately ($8.47) or as a set ($24.47). (I thought the exchange was closer than that on the dollar ;) Each Geocoin is trackable w/icon here.

Coinsandpins at GW5

Coins and pins will have some new coins for sale at GW5 too:

- Bigcall Peace Dollar personal geocoin
- Elemental Jay personal geocoin
- The first Geo-Achievement Hides geocoins/pins
- Samples to view of the PDA geocoin with a real blinking LED light
- And a few more unique items along with our stock items

For more information you can go here.

GW5 Sunburst Geocoin

Ok here is the sweet coin I couldn't talk about until now: GW5 Sunburst! Yea I would like some too ;) These are in the tradition of Crake's Suncatcher and AE Toy's Dragonfly geocoins. This is one of the most beautiful coins I have ever seen. These will be released for sale at Geowoodstock V, then for sale to the general public. For more on this coin you can go here. Nice job Paula!

Coin Stats:
Translucent Enamel
Transparent through both sides
"Stained glass" style
Size: 1.75"
Thickness: 3.5mm
Trackable at Geocaching.com w/icon

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Amazing coin coming Monday.......

I was shown a coin that will blow everyone away. Dang it, they asked that I not show you until Monday :( (Yea, it's that good ;)

Guardians of the Cache 4 geocoin set

You have heard of puzzle caches, but maybe not puzzle geocoins! This 4 coin set from Paula at Geocoindesigns for the Geocoinshop. Famous for the Wildlife Muggles, Paula has taken a similar theme with this set showing 4 little nasties that you may find around a geocache. When you turn these coins around you see the animals in their sneaky habitats. Put all four coins together and you get a nice country panorama. The set comes in gold, nickel and antique bronze for $30 a set plus shipping here.

Good/Bad Karma Geocoin

Karma AKA Dorkfish, a Boise, Idaho cacher that has some of the coolest personal coins (Cool for a dork anyway :P) Has her brand new store here. According to Karma she is going for quality over quantity, by only making coins that she would like to have in her collection. She has rolled out a new personal as well, Good/Bad Karma. Dorkfish kicks off the dorkfish persona and shows a sexier side in this new very personal personal. This one has a very cool hard enamel finish. The detail on this coin is amazing as well. You can get this coin for $7.50 in black nickel or $7.75 in glitter LE. Here. People who go to the site will be able to pick up a special treat as well, an 06 Original Dorkfish geocoin for $7.25! Lots less than the crazy ebay;)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dangers of Night Caching Geocoin

This is the second coin in the Bird Series. I guess it's based on some true stories too. This one deals with the "Poking your hands around in the dark for a cache issue."

Coin Stats:
1.5" x 3.5mm
soft enamel color both sides
antique silver finish
glow-in-the-dark features
trackable no icon

To buy email robomaiden@comcast.net with the following info:

Cache name:
Real Name:
Paypal address:

K-9er Cache Geocoin

Here is a nice personal that features epoxy coating. You can find this one here. Price: $ 8.99 Shipping: $ 2.00 / .75 (each add'l item)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Four Spirit Geocoins

This coin was a surprise to me, a pottery set. These are beautiful, it will be interesting to see how they withstand the test of time. This set consists of 4 animals. Each of them represents a direction, a season and an element.

The Four Spirit symbols mean:


Coin Stats:
.Material – High temperature kiln fried pottery
.Size - 60mm x 8mm.
.Trackable at geocaching .com and manually engraved tracking code are embedded at the rim of the coin.
.Activation code – printed on the slip enclosed
.Price - US$12.50 each. S/H $3.50, $1 for each additional coin
.Price for a 4SG-4 set (4 different patterns) – US$47 per set, S/H $6.50
.Shipment - from Taiwan to any country

To buy, e-mail the following details to sssooocool@gmail.com for a reservation. A first lot of 250 coins will be ready by June 10. After the coins are received the paypal invoice will go out.

.Geo Nick
.Contact e-mail
.Paypal e-mail
.Qnty of 4SG-E:
.Qnty of 4SG-W:
.Qnty of 4SG-S:
.Qnty of 4SG-N:
.Qnty of 4SG-4:

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gold Bar, Tikibirds & Maryland Black Eyed Susan

There are three coins that have popped up here. The Gold bar is part of the "For the Love of Caching" series. This is a presale for this coin that is available in mid June. The coin will be 2" x 3/4", and trackable at geocaching.com with icon. The Tikibirds 1st edition "Puzzle" coin is a personal that comes in silver, black nickel and gold. These are $9 each with $1 shipping. The Maryland Black Eyed Susan coin features Maryland of the Black Eyed Susan state flower on the front and Maryland on the back. This coin appears to come in gold and is $8 with $3 shipping.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Forest Cache Frog Geocoin

This cute little guy is now available for presale. It was produced by AE Toys and has a bunch of colors. Is it just me or is trading up getting something better than you put in the cache? Maybe I'm backwards, but I have to say preserving the cache is a way to keep things fun. You can buy these individually or as a six-pack set with an LEs. You can preorder this here.

Coin Stats:
Size: 2" (51mm)
Thickness: 3.5mm
Metal: Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique Copper, Gold, Silver and Black Nickel.
Trackable w/icon
Price: $9.00 US and Canada and $10.00 International plus shipping (6 pack set $48 US Canada, $51 Worldwide.)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Quebec City 1608-2008 Geocoin

*Updated Photo*

This coin will help two geocachers pay their way to be part of a sail trip from Quebec to La Rochelle (France) to celebrate Quebec's 400 year anniversary. The coins are cool too :)

Coin Stats:

Trackable w/icon
45mm x 3mm
Imprinted on the side/edge (“Trackable at GeoCaching.com”
Made in 3 finishes (old silver, old gold, copper).

THE PRICE FOR A TRIO (old silver, old gold, copper) IS : 40$USD (Copper LE only with Trio) (1 Trio per customer)

THE PRICE FOR A SINGLE COIN (old silver or old gold) IS :15$USD (2 coin Max)

To purchase Email: quebec_1608-2008@voilequebec.com

Monday, May 14, 2007

Carion Crow Reprise

According to the Geocoin Store this was a coin so nice they had to make it twice. I have to agree this is one of the best. This time around it comes in antique gold too. This coin was amazing to me because it has a specially made wing piece that is attached to the coin. It is amazing. Each edition (Antique silver and gold) are $7.50 plus shipping here.

2007 Geocoin Poker Challenge

Fans of the Geocoin Store's Poker Challenge can get 2 sweet coins right now. The GeocoinFest version and the GeoWoodstock5 are available here. These are the "World" Releases and not the special ones you get for being a finalist in the tourney. The Geofest version is in very limited quantities and for sale for $10.50, the GeoWoodstock5 is $8.00. I wish you could by some of those cool shiny silver chips... maybe I'll have to get my game up for next year. :(

Latest Group Project: GeoJellys

Here is a cool group project that I think turned out awesome: GeoJellys. Expect these to be coming to a trading list near you.

Artist XLEs

Paula for CinemaBoxers has some of her artist XLEs available. The coins include:

DNF Troll
Caching Bug
Run For The Roses
and Geodog

Email Paula: pcollins@cinemaboxers.com

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Kiss Caches Geocoin

What a unique cut coin! I think this will be popular. It's a Hershey's Kiss geocoin of course :) These are 1.75" (tall I bet) and there are 200 silver and 200 gold coins for sale here. Price: $ 9.95, Shipping: $ 2.50 / .50 (each add'l item)

Coin will not ship until week of June 11